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The Barmy Bog End Army » Terrors 2-1 Tonbridge » Yesterday 9:12 pm

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I beg to differ along with many other people Mikem, but that is your opinion and you are entitled to it, but I do agree with your comments regarding the decisions he has to make, either way he will not make many friends but it would be nice to have more correct than incorrect decisions.

The Barmy Bog End Army » Terrors 2-1 Tonbridge » Yesterday 12:55 pm

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AlanJ, The referee had an excellent game,  I was not standing behind the goal 100m from the penalty shout action, I can assure you the two critical shouts were legitimate, a weaker ref would have given them.  Also he ignored the many shouts for free kicks from Angels players.  He was giving the Terrors their free kicks when warranted, and you only had to  listen to the ironic jeers from the Tonbridge fans when a free quick went their way. The ref is always under pressure from home fans, he did a great job under difficult circumstances, including the difficult playing conditions.

The Barmy Bog End Army » Terrors 2-1 Tonbridge » Yesterday 11:30 am

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Agree about Pierson.  He's looked a lot more assured under the high ball.  One of our recent achilles heels has been the long throw, but against Brightlingsea he just caught evrything that came in.  And against Tonbridge, there were a lot of free kicks and corners which came into the box and he looked calm and claimed everything he came for.  The decision making has to be good in those situations.  If you decide to come and get it then you must get it!  Or you decide to leave it to the defenders.  And I think he's been excellent in this aspect of his game recently.

And if Merson regained fitness tomorrow, I'd still be picking Pierson for the next game.

The Barmy Bog End Army » Terrors 2-1 Tonbridge » Yesterday 9:42 am

Bogend Ant
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Saturday was an amazing win. I believe that Tonbridge will make the play offs and to win away there is unbelievable.

​The Bog End were amazing again and made all the noise as I could hear from the goals video on youtube and from behind the goal. There were so many Terrors there, probably +100. 2 new great songs, Dulwits going bust and sniffing glue in the Bostik League.

​My man of the match was Sandy, he played really well on and off the ball. The non league paper give Callum man of the match, the whole team played really well again.

Cant wait for Tuesday against Folkestone. See you there

The Barmy Bog End Army » Terrors 2-1 Tonbridge » Yesterday 9:12 am

I felt so nervous towards the end and so keen to shout my encouragement to our warriors that for a second I almost found myself joining in with Bog End Tim's tedious " MITCHAM, Tooting, MITCHAM, Tooting " chant. Fortunately for me somebody (Harry or Matty I think) started that " We're sniffing glue in the Bostik League " song and I was able to vent my anxiety and keep my sanity (If I ever had any) at the same time. Stupendous result.

A word on Tonbridge's award winning matchday Programme......Fantastic, the best I've ever seen at this level.

I'm still buzzing.

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