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The Barmy Bog End Army » Billericay » Yesterday 2:33 pm

You can say that again mate 

The Barmy Bog End Army » Billericay » Yesterday 8:48 am

What a fantastic football ground, a stadium worthy of the name. Everything about the place is geared up for football at a higher level, especially the prices, £11 admission, £3 programme, £4 bottle of Peroni, not much change from a fiver for a cheeseburger but I don't begrudge them a penny it's a fantastic place to watch football. 4 covered stands with magnificent acoustics (our 7 behind the goal sounded like 40) brilliant bar area with loads and loads of helpful friendly staff behind the jump, tasty food served in an instant, top, top stewarding (they all seemed friendly and informative, they can't all be from Essex, perhaps they bus them in from Suffolk or somewhere) Well staffed and efficient ticket office. Could do with more urinals would be my only criticism.

Pisser of a result though, gutted for the players who were magnificent, the management, but most of all for the fans who made the trip. Cruel, cruel game football at times. The last toe-poke of the match 

The Barmy Bog End Army » The Magnificent 7 » Yesterday 8:19 am

Behind the goal at Billericay on Saturday...........

Yul Brynner......Bog End Ultra, partly due to my leadership qualities but mainly due to the fact I'm as bald as a Coot.
Brad Dexter......Bondy, Brad played the big fella so only one candidate really, Wikipedia describes Dexter as Burly, Dark and Handsome....I suppose 1 out of 3 isn't bad.
Steve McQueen..AlanJ (Ashtree) because he was the best looking of our motley crew or so he insists anyway.
Charles Bronson..Joey, bona fide nutcase, enough said.
Horst Bucholz...Swanage Paul, the youngest of the group and had travelled the furthest to get there. Paul had to set out at 7am to get there, bloody good effort mate.
James Coburn....Fretters, cold, fearless, ruthless and deadly. (Are you sure ? ed)
Robert Vaughn...Tim Megone, as a punishment for insisting on starting that irritating "MITCHAM, Tooting, MITCHAM, Tooting" chant, he can be the cowardly one.

The Barmy Bog End Army » Free Under 23 football tonight » 22/9/2017 12:23 pm

A resounding 6-1 victory with Sandy Cunningham getting 4 of them. Plus we had a penalty saved which would have been our 7th. ' The table topping tiny terrors' have a 100% record so far this season having won 2-0, 5-0. 9-0 and 6-1 which by my maths makes it 26 scored and only 2 conceded. And if you had wanted some intelligent conversation, Ian Bullock was sat in the stand, so still no luck......but Tim Marcus was in attendance, the only one of us with an IQ higher than his age !

The Barmy Bog End Army » Hamlet » 22/9/2017 9:09 am

Trevor Ford(United), Peter (Cray Valley Paper) Mills.

The Barmy Bog End Army » Tooting fans attending Billericay away next Saturday » 22/9/2017 8:45 am

No I wouldn't Ashtree.

" Ahem, any chance of a lift ? "

The Barmy Bog End Army » Hamlet » 21/9/2017 9:15 am

Yes, remember him very well indeed, good player. I think he's at the school the leader of our Youth Firm attends.So he's got his work cut out. 

The Barmy Bog End Army » Free Under 23 football tonight » 21/9/2017 9:10 am

I'll be there tonight, so will Gypsy Joe, so will Don Cummings, and so will Michael Lambeth. So if you want a good game of football and some intelligent conversation.........Tough. 

The Barmy Bog End Army » Hamlet » 21/9/2017 8:59 am

gary walker wrote:

Anyone remember the legend defender in the 80's Danny Goodwin?

I'm sure his last name was Godwin. I remember he would always move towards any through ball as if he was going to intercept it then dummy it at the last second and let it run through to our keeper, a one-trick pony but it worked every time. He was no Geoff Gatt but he was decent.

The Barmy Bog End Army » Tooting fans attending Billericay away next Saturday » 21/9/2017 8:30 am

That's right Rubbery.

Did I ever tell you about the time I shagged Elle McPherson ?......... 

The Barmy Bog End Army » Hamlet » 21/9/2017 8:23 am

I bet he still brags about it to this day !

 " I once played alongside Geoff Gatt don't you know ? Wonderful player, he could peel a grape with that left foot of his."

The Barmy Bog End Army » You Can Fool Some Of The People All Of The Time » 20/9/2017 12:43 pm

After the Needham Market game I was a little worse for wear having consumed several bottles of Peroni, a few double Jack Daniels and a bottle of red wine. Anyway, I ended up tripping over in the back garden and finishing up face down in a prickly bush. The scars on my head were still evident at the Folkestone game where I managed to convince a couple of gullible Bogenders that I'd been on an adventure weekend in Poland where I'd been taken into a forest to wrestle with Black Bears and been swiped across the head by one of the beasts which ruined my wooly hat and left me hideously scarred !

Both of them have known me long enough to know not to believe a word I say Take a bow fellas

" Bear wrestlers of the world unite "

The Barmy Bog End Army » What's happened to Wanderers? » 20/9/2017 12:17 pm

Somebody must've been to Screwfix cos Raynes Park Vale played at home in the cup last night.

The Barmy Bog End Army » Tooting fans attending Billericay away next Saturday » 20/9/2017 8:42 am

gary walker wrote:

Thanks Robbery you have always been supportive, I would like to know who you are.

No you wouldn't Gary, trust me, you wouldn't 

The Barmy Bog End Army » And on the subject of drawing games in the league ............... » 15/9/2017 8:38 am

We're at home to Worthing on Saturday 7th October Mr Steptoe !  

Our next league game is away at Billericay 

The Barmy Bog End Army » Burgess Hill 3 Tooting 1 » 15/9/2017 8:28 am

DeePee wrote:

Did you see that Buggers Hill reckoned the crowd was 276 on that filthy Tuesday night !!! 
I don't know how they worked that out, looked more like 76 to me - ok, maybe 176 but nowhere near the 200 mark at all ! 

Perhaps they do an  Arsenal and include every season ticket holder rather than count the amount of spectators actually in attendance.

The Barmy Bog End Army » What's happened to Wanderers? » 12/9/2017 3:47 pm

DaveM wrote:

Although I really don't care, the Southern Amateur league calls them Tooting & Merton Wandsworth!!! 

I can't tell you what Dave Irons calls them 

The Barmy Bog End Army » Boozer for Monday against the Helmets » 25/8/2017 8:43 am

The nearest 'Yuppie' hipster cocktail bar most probably 

The Barmy Bog End Army » Newest registered user » 21/8/2017 3:24 pm

I've just noticed the newest registered user on the forum calls themselves ' Fretters the Second ' on account of being fond of beating up children presumably. " Take that ya little Sod "     " Sorry Mister "

The Barmy Bog End Army » Emirates FA Cup 1st Qualifying Round draw » 21/8/2017 2:01 pm

Glad it wasn't an attractive away one at somewhere we haven't been before because I'm in Poland that weekend. Back in time for the replay if one's needed.

The Barmy Bog End Army » Merstham 2 Tooting 2 » 21/8/2017 12:17 pm

I think you're both wrong, I don't feel he was excellent nor overly casual, just satisfactory.

What a difference Mike Dixon made !! now I thought he really was excellent.

I found it quite reassuring to see K's spanked by Staines, I was shell-shocked walking out of there on Tuesday. I think Staines will be up the sharp end all season.

The Barmy Bog End Army » Richard Ossai » 16/8/2017 2:37 pm

It's also an anagram of 'n Oasis, so maybe his back 4 deserted him.......Geddit ?

The Barmy Bog End Army » The Palace game » 16/8/2017 1:14 pm

Bog End Ultra wrote:

even I have to admit Mutch's strike might just turn out to be the best goal I'll see this season (much as it pains me to say it). 

As it turns out, Mutch's goal wasn't even the best goal I've seen in August !! Staines' 4th last night was unreal, the bloke could seriously make the GB 4x100 metre relay squad whilst dribbling a football, it was a fcuking Circus act. Imagine Linford Christie with the skill of Georgie Best.

The words, Hot knife, through and butter spring to mind.

The Barmy Bog End Army » Staines rout » 16/8/2017 9:35 am

Staines were the best team I've seen in a long time, big, strong, quick, organised, determined, slick, confident, skillful.......everything we weren't on the night to be honest.

Their first goal came from the softest penalty decision you'll ever see, Kyle saved the initial effort with his feet but not surprisingly Staines were quicker to the loose ball and their bloke scuffed the rebound home. No complaints about The Guvnor's red card, 2 bookable offences. 

" Our boys took one hell of a beating " 

Buckle up fellas, this could be a bumpy ride 

The Barmy Bog End Army » Specsavers Surrey Senior Cup » 15/8/2017 10:29 am

We will be eliminated from the competition for fielding an inedible player against Corinthian Casuals at home.

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