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The Barmy Bog End Army » Home Tonight vs Merstham » 20/9/2017 9:20 am

Thanks Tim, please feel free to advertise games For any Tooting and Mitcham United FC side on this forum.  After last night I am sure more fans will support them.

The Barmy Bog End Army » New Users » 20/9/2017 7:09 am

Please note.

It has been agreed with our Chairman  that any personal negative comments will be removed from this forum.  That doesn't mean to say you can not have a moan and a whinge about us losing. It also doesn't mean that you can not voice your opinion about  the goings on at Tooting we want you to do this. All we are asking is that it you don't use this forum for your own personal digs at Staff or volunteers of Tooting and Mitcham United FC. Any such messages will be removed  and constant abusers will be banned from using this forum. Sorry if this sounds heavy we are just trying to move on from the point scoring and we are trying to make this a nice environment for everyone to enjoy.
Thank you  in advance .

The Barmy Bog End Army » New Users » 23/8/2017 1:20 pm

I have changed it for you mate, Thank you for joining our Forum.


Gary Walker

The Barmy Bog End Army » New Users » 20/7/2017 2:47 pm

The Administrator wrote:

Ladies and Gents,

If you are new to this forum and / or know anyone who is new to the forum please can you make sure any new entrants make at least ONE POST When signing up.

Even if it just to say to the forum 'Hi guys!, new member here!'...

We have acquired a BOT and it is enlisting users to make the numbers up and record bogus entries.

From 7 days as of today anyone that has failed to make a single post is going to be purged from the user list.

I hope you guys Understand

The Administrator


The Barmy Bog End Army » The Bostik Premier League Link » 18/7/2017 5:46 pm

I am trying to make some changes to our forum.

We now have a new link straight to the Bostik league tables from our forum. I am waiting for Tim for the link to the new club shop . If anyone has anything else they would like to see on the forum please let me know. I hope you like the changes so far ?

The Barmy Bog End Army » Happy 40th wedding anniversary » 17/6/2017 7:04 pm

Happy 40th wedding anniversary to Ian Bullock and his wife.
All our love from the whole Walker family xxx.

The Barmy Bog End Army » Fans Forum Player of The Year 201y / 17 » 28/3/2017 9:32 am

Trophy has been acquired - Need the final three names below then it goes to a poll in the next 24 hours.

The Barmy Bog End Army » Spring Clean » 27/3/2017 6:15 pm

Brightened the grey up a bit... but monitor settings I can't adjust for you... 

The Barmy Bog End Army » Spring Clean » 27/3/2017 6:06 pm

Hiya Deepee, I haven't had any problems with an issue of this kind before. However, having looked into it, nothing has changed with regards the settings to the site. I have tested it on an iPad Air 2 and a laptop without any problems. I can only suggest try having a look at the Screen Size Setting or the Accessibility Settings on your monitor - neither suggests changing the resolution on the monitor. As for the mobile phone issue - MobileWeb is a totally different internet to the normal PC web as we know it. On your phone there is a setting on the top far right of the screen which when pressed gives you the option to use a setting called: 'Request PC Version' - this will automatically change the phone settings to the normal PC Web Based Internet view. Make the address on your monitor: www.tmufc.boardhost,com if it isn;t already which MAY rectify your monitor problem. Good luck!!!

The Barmy Bog End Army » Supporters Club forum on the Front Page » 18/2/2017 2:51 pm

In the Supporters Club Box sub-forum on the front page is an opportunity to vote for the Bog End Forum's Player of the Year 2016 / 17.

Whip-round for a trophy?

Supporters Club Box » Bog End Forum Player of The Year 2016 / 17 » 18/2/2017 2:48 pm

Please list below all nominees for your Player of the Season.

Cut off point for nominees will be March 31st. A poll will then be created to allow Forum Members to VOTE on the nominees.

It's up to you guys, if you want to have a whip-round and present the Bog End Forum Player of the Year 2016 /17 with a Trophy of some sort.

Let me know.

The Barmy Bog End Army » Ryman League Tables » 18/2/2017 2:40 pm

On the front of the forum now are three sub-forums linked directly to the Ryman League Tables and therefore updated as soon as possible. It saves switching between websites and frees up some processor speed and RAM for your computer.

Also if you hold down the CTRL button and click any of the Ryman League Table sub-forums it will open up in a new window and allow you to split screen it if you so wish.

The Barmy Bog End Army » Spring Clean » 18/2/2017 11:50 am

...or your dusters need monitoring?...

Legends of Tooting & Mitcham Utd » Alex Stepney » 18/2/2017 12:01 am

London beginningsStepney had unsuccessful trials with Fulham and joined Tooting & Mitcham United. From there, he was spotted by Millwall, who signed him as an amateur in 1963, but quickly realised his potential and made him a professional within two months of his arrival. Stepney was ever-present for almost three seasons, making 158 appearances, only missing the last game of the 1965–66 season. During this period, he achieved three England under-23 caps.[1]In May 1966, Stepney joined Chelsea for £50,000. Manager Tommy Docherty initially intended to play Stepney and fellow goalkeeper Peter Bonetti in alternate weeks, but just three months later Stepney was sold to Manchester United for a record fee of £55,000, having made just one appearance for the club. With Harry Gregg's career virtually ended by injury, the Manchester United manager, Matt Busby, opted for Stepney after deciding that neither Pat Dunne nor the injury prone David Gaskell was up to the job. Stepney made his debut for United later the same year against Manchester City at Old Trafford which United won 1–0 with a first half goal from [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denis_Law]Denis Law[/url

The Barmy Bog End Army » Spring Clean » 17/2/2017 11:55 pm

Facebook link restored.

Match report forums deleted.

Club Shop Forum cleaned and reinstated.

Users with ZERO posts purged.

Club Shop » Online Club Shop » 17/2/2017 11:39 pm

I'm delighted to announce that we now have an Online Club Shop!

The shop is hosted by our kit suppliers ProKit UK Ltd and offers a range of items, all baring the current "TM United" badge, including replica playing kit, polo shirts and and track suits, to order directly from ProKit to your door.

Please just click on this link to access the shop http://www.prokituk.com/c/654/club-shop/tooting--mitcham-fc?b_id=-1

By way of sizing guide, the sizes quoted are european sizes so based on personal experience, particularly for the replica kit, my recommendation would be to order one size larger than you think you would normally need (eg If your usual shirt size is Large then order an Extra Large). For the Junior kits the Macron sizing guide suggests;
7-8 yrs (height 120-132cm) - 3XS
9-10 yrs (height 133-145cm) - XXS
11-12 yrs (height 146-158cm) - XS
13 yrs+ (height 159-171cm) - Small

Whilst not available through the online shop, once you have placed your order, if you require name or number printing on the back of the shirt, this can be arranged by calling ProKit direct and quoting your order ref number (The cost for each is approx £3/£3.50)

For those who still prefer items baring the traditional club badge, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and beanies etc, will continue to be available in person from the Club Shop at the ground on match days

[color=#383838]The small print!: Just by way of a short disclaimer please be aware that once you click on the link to go to the online shop you will be dealing directly with ProKit UK Ltd and therefore in the event of any issues with regards to payment or delivery of items, or indeed the items themselves, you will need to refer back to ProKit UK Ltd and not the Football Club or M

The Barmy Bog End Army » Kingstonian friendly cancelled » 20/7/2016 11:08 pm

So pre-arranged pre-season fixtures take precedent over the Club's First team... hmmmm ...interesting... ...must be a money thing...

The Barmy Bog End Army » Main Pitch being replaced with 3G pitch? » 30/6/2016 1:24 pm

I agree with you DEEPEE 100%. I wished I had something more constructive and positive to say about matters. Couldn't agree with you more!... I await the meteoric rise in fortune, thinking, and progression exactly the same as you my friend!!!... Been tapping my fingers since 2010...

...I don't know why a 3G pitch is being installed on the main pitch!... Only going to have to tear it up when we get into the football league in 7 years...

The Barmy Bog End Army » Members Club AGM tonight » 15/6/2016 12:08 am

The things that the people who are banned had to say are of more importance to the club than you are led to believe... ​When Adkins got Danny Lee to sign a confidentiality agreement when he forced Danny from the club on the goings on down there and I get The FA lawyers ringing me saying that they are well aware of what is going on down there and assuring me they have the matter in hand. I am quietly confident I can trump anything on this forum to the exponential of 10... Adkins gets the voting rights at boardroom level on 3 to 2 which is why the members club are not worth a rub. Which is why he will have his grubby little fingers all over that club until he conveniently takes it under. Good evening Gentlemen...

The Barmy Bog End Army » Monday 13th June 2016 » 12/6/2016 8:24 am

Be nice to see the club accounts and then you will see the level of input / club dispersal of funds / benefits...

The Barmy Bog End Army » Members Club AGM tonight » 12/6/2016 8:20 am

Even the chairmans report on that site is 2 seasons old...

The Barmy Bog End Army » Members Club AGM tonight » 12/6/2016 8:16 am

The people with things to say are banned from entering the ground...read into that what you will...

At a wild guess...it will be the same old self important Rubbish as the last 6 years and then sandwiches as thats what important people do...lol

The Barmy Bog End Army » Main Pitch being replaced with 3G pitch? » 12/6/2016 8:12 am

Anyone know how it is being paid for?... are FA grant funds being plundered only for local youth clubs to be mugged off paying extortionate rates?...

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