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07/4/2015 2:48 pm  #1

A few Forum rules

Ladies and Gents,

If you are new to this forum and / or know anyone who is new to the forum please can you make sure any new entrants make at least ONE POST When signing up.

Even if it just to say to the forum 'Hi guys!, new member here!'...

We have acquired a BOT and it is enlisting users to make the numbers up and record bogus entries.

From 7 days as of today anyone that has failed to make a single post is going to be purged from the user list.

I hope you guys unserstand.

The Administrator

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The future is bright... The future is Black and White...

20/9/2017 6:09 am  #2

Re: A few Forum rules

Please note.

It has been agreed with our Chairman that any personal defamatory negative comments will be removed from this forum. That doesn't mean to say you can not have a moan and a whinge about us losing. It also doesn't mean that you can not voice your opinion about the goings on at Tooting we want you to do this. All we are asking is that it you don't use this forum for your own personal digs at Staff or volunteers of Tooting and Mitcham United FC. Any such messages will be removed and constant abusers will be banned from using this forum. Sorry if this sounds heavy we are just trying to move on from the point scoring and we are trying to make this a nice environment for everyone to enjoy.
Thank you in advance .

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The future is bright... The future is Black and White...
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