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31/7/2017 11:08 am  #1

Remaining friendlies

Could someone please help identify if there are any remaining first team friendly fixtures other than vs Palace U23s tomorrow night and East Grinstead.

I'm conscious that the tmu-fc website doesn't list the Palace game so just making sure there are no others that I don't yet know about? The east grinstead one is on the website.

Thanks for any help


31/7/2017 2:09 pm  #2

Re: Remaining friendlies

Based on the official facebook page, we have 2 friendlies left.  Palace and East Grinstead,

I noticed that the unofficial website doesn't have the Palace game shown, and the fixtures page on the official website doesn't work.

Luckily, Twitter is still working properly!


31/7/2017 2:48 pm  #3

Re: Remaining friendlies

Thanks for the info. 

I didn't even know we had an official website...

I've always relied upon (and thoroughly enjoyed the work of) www.tmu-fc.co.uk


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31/7/2017 2:51 pm  #4

Re: Remaining friendlies


31/7/2017 9:58 pm  #5

Re: Remaining friendlies

Apologies for the omission, but I've not been around much recently and, as you may have noticed, I get absolutely nothing directly from the club. Perhaps I should just take the hint!


01/8/2017 7:46 am  #6

Re: Remaining friendlies

I bet ever member of this forum appreciates your efforts. The amount of historical information about the club in respect of past seasons' results is absolutely stunning and it would be a tragedy if we were to lose that information.

Stick with it.


01/8/2017 8:16 am  #7

Re: Remaining friendlies

Yes - don't give up!  The Facebook page has been fantastic for giving us accurate, up to date information about players coming and going, as well as updates on the youth teams etc.  And its what the supporters have been crying out for for many years.  But its not a website.  For example, you can't easily look back to find a match report from 3 months ago.  It doesn't have a fixtures/results list all in one handy place. etc etc.

So the unofficial website is an invaluable resource for everyone - Tooting fans as well as opposition.

We have had a number of "Official" websites over the last few years, but none have really stood the test of time.  Probably the most impressive aspect of the unofficial website is the pretty speedy updates etc compared to a lot of others.

Now if the spelling could just improve a bit...


01/8/2017 8:19 am  #8

Re: Remaining friendlies

Paul, Whilst the Football Club and the forum lurched from one disaster after another , your website, was the only credible source of information and news, how many have forgotten this including the Members Club! During this period  you were working on keeping some semblance of  communication and information about the Football Team, while the so called official website went from chaos to even  more chaos! We even had the ridiculous scenario when a video was released informing  us the team would be playing in the Football League by 2017.

You are still one off a small band who keep the true spirit of the Football club alive .Please keep up your good work, despite the lack of interest from the Owner and the Members Cub.  Your service to  the true supporters of this club is widely appreciated.



01/8/2017 9:08 am  #9

Re: Remaining friendlies

"..... lack of interest from the Owner and the Members Cub....."

The Members "Club" has been working very hard during the summer break to generate additional income for the club. There have been numerous Board meetings to discuss ideas and monitor current situations.  All the members of the Board have been involved in multiple fund raising activities to help Steve (Adkins) and Frank boost this season's playing budget with the result that many new sponsors have been bought on board. Look out for new advertising in both the programme and pitch side.
​All of this happens quietly behind the scenes and without the hard work of members of the Tooting & Mitcham Utd FC Ltd (to give it its proper name) our budget this coming season would be far less than Frank or Paul would probably like !
So, I promise you, there is no lack of interest from the Members "Club" - the main lack of interest is from supporters who can't see the benefits of joining the Members "Club" and just let a few volunteers get on with the work !
Join us now (It's only £15 per season - Families for £25) and you too will be helping to form the future of T&MU FC !


01/8/2017 10:10 am  #10

Re: Remaining friendlies

DeePee, I have seemed to have touched a few raw nerves on  subject of  the Members Club, and I do not apologise. If you read my message properly it refers to  the website and not anything else, why do you have to go into full justification mode on something which totally irrelevant to  the subject.

  I could go into  a huge amount of script on the subject of the " Members Club",  but I will refrain from doing so.

Congratulations on raising money from  advertising etc, but why is this so secretive?  Over the last few years communication as been the downfall of the club, why not provide full support for  this website.  Apart from those mentioned in the credits of the website, why not get fully behind it.  With support and help from the Tooting and Mitcham United Football Club - Members Club, this would be a wonderful tool  for advertising the club, and a means of raising funds.   

My past experiences and the history of  Members Club has been horrendous and I would not wish to be part of this group.


01/8/2017 10:56 am  #11

Re: Remaining friendlies

Just to be clear, my reason for starting this thread was genuinely so i didn't miss a pre-season game that i didn't know about. It was not at all a sleight on the www.tmu-fc.co.uk website for not having a fixture listed. 

I thin the work that tmu-fc website does is incredible and it has been my sole source of all things tmufc for a number of years. 

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01/8/2017 12:02 pm  #12

Re: Remaining friendlies

From where I sit (somewhere left of centre), I can only say that things have improved significantly in the last 18 months or so. I used to bang on ad nauseum about communications and now I feel I've got little to complain about.

​I'm thankful that we have a dedicated bunch of individuals who are prepared to knuckle down and do those things that keep the club afloat. Some will be doing things that are clearly in our line of sight and it is easy to pick them out and say thank you. Others just get on and do things behind the scenes and don't expect there individual thank yous - but our thanks you should have, even if you don't hear it enough.

​Whatever banner you do that work under is pretty irrelevant. The important thing is you keep doing it and we all benefit in the long run. The more that can get involved the better - it sometimes feels good to know you've done just that little bit towards the collective effort.

​For those that do not have the time there is always the opportunity to sponsor a player, be a match day sponsor or join the 100 Club. Even bringing a mate to a match is doing your bit. Perhaps that's what we should all concentrate on - just doing that little bit. If we get some thanks, that's brilliant. If not, you know you've done your bit to make the Club that much better than it was.


02/8/2017 1:09 pm  #13

Re: Remaining friendlies

Dee Pee - are there any new local sponsors?  If so, I'd be inclined to retweet them a bit more (if they're on Twitter of course).  I understand that the Ramble Inn in Tooting are doing something for us, so I'll be helping them to promote themselves.  And I'd do the same for any others if possible.


02/8/2017 1:45 pm  #14

Re: Remaining friendlies

I was talking to Nick Shaw (Dirty Leeds supporter) the managing director of Predator Pest Control last night who has parted with a sizable amount of cash to become a corporate sponsor this coming season. Ad in the programme, pitch-side banner and all that. Unfortunately his pest control doesn't stretch to quieting little Bill down 


02/8/2017 1:53 pm  #15

Re: Remaining friendlies

Well, if they have a Twitter account, I'll do what I can.


02/8/2017 3:07 pm  #16

Re: Remaining friendlies

endofthelane wrote:

Dee Pee - are there any new local sponsors?  If so, I'd be inclined to retweet them a bit more (if they're on Twitter of course).  I understand that the Ramble Inn in Tooting are doing something for us, so I'll be helping them to promote themselves.  And I'd do the same for any others if possible.

Already spoke to Tim Marcus about this. He's going to pass on sponsors details and I'll check on their social media and help with re-tweets etc.

I also run the Members club twitter feed @TMMembersclub as well as @hackbridgeharry so once I have the details I'll get straight on with things.

The Ramble Inn have got involved and I've been re tweeting their stuff... Nicks pest control has a twitter feed but has not seen much put online.




02/8/2017 3:46 pm  #17

Re: Remaining friendlies

2 Twitter accounts!  You will, have to be careful with "handle control".  I've seen some of the Hackbridge Harry rants, and you probably wouldn't want the TMU Members Club to be repeating them!


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