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26/8/2017 6:16 pm  #1

Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

Well Gromit, that wasn't very good was it?

​Poor passing in the first half made us look out of our depth. Not sure why we had two full backs on the bench and only one on the pitch.

​For the second time this season one of our centre backs talks himself into the book while giving a foul away in an area of the pitch that doesn't require any tackle at all. For the second time the opposition lump the ball into our box to score the opening goal.

​Unlike in the Division below it doesn't seem sensible to have to play the opposition with just 10 men. Again this was a challenge in the middle of the pitch - and whether we felt it was harsh or not, it was an unnecessary challenge.

​To be fair, I thought we were just beginning to get a hold on the game when the ref failed to award a penalty for a similar challenge to our sending off. And, Sods' Law, they go straight down the other end and score another. After which the less said the better.

​Positive points - not too many today. Danny Bassett livened things up a bit when he came on - which begs the question why he wasn't on at the start when we could have done with his pace and tenacity.

​Oh well Gromit, must be time for the Emmental - pass the port.

​PS And this followed what I thought was a pretty solid performance against Merstham who had agood 3-0 away win today. We need to get back to that on Monday.

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26/8/2017 6:46 pm  #2

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

Fair report.
Can't understand why Billy Dunn keeps getting a game though. He looks totally disinterested and unfit.


26/8/2017 6:49 pm  #3

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

Men against boys. They were better in all departments. I was told by an Enfield director that this team have 15 new players from last season.
They passed well, they were quick and they were physically bigger than us.  I do think we should have had a penalty but I really doubt it would have made any difference. Good luck Monday.


26/8/2017 6:51 pm  #4

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

DaveM, that is just the way Billy is on the field, same last year but he can pose a threat but admit he must up his game.


26/8/2017 6:54 pm  #5

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

"Men against Boys" that is our big problem - BIG men against Small boys. Other teams all seem physically bigger and stronger overall than us. We need to sort this ASAP.


26/8/2017 7:08 pm  #6

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

GregB wrote:

DaveM, that is just the way Billy is on the field, same last year but he can pose a threat but admit he must up his game.

He hasn't been the same since he went to Greenwich (2 goals I think). With Baxter and Bassett on the bench he needs to "up his game" pretty soon.


26/8/2017 7:10 pm  #7

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

Have to say I left as the echos of Enfields 4th goal celebrations were heard as I was already in the car park. Bought back negative memories of declines in seasons past . Ok still early days but already feel that we need much more strength in many areas and would the presence of Maclaren if not suspended changed the outcome ? Maybe so me thinks.


26/8/2017 7:24 pm  #8

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

All of our players seem a second or two late to every ball and tackle and there is never anyone first to a loose ball, every clearance seems to go to the opposition and when we have the ball there is no movement for a quick attack, every ball is backwards!

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26/8/2017 10:16 pm  #9

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

Interesting that the two games we've lost have both been heavy defeats and both have required us to play with a man down for at least a half.

We've just entered a new league where the standard is much higher and having 11 vs 11 is imperative for us to even have a fighting chance of winning a game.

Kevin's two yellows vs staines were ill discipline, however today my gut feel is wedgie was unlucky to see red for that. Happy to stand corrected tho.

It looked like a nasty collision but it didn't look like why bad intent from our player, just ever so slightly late?

Thought the ref was very poor and the foul on dan Clements was an awful one to just wave play on for.

In reality though we were second best for the whole game. We certainly lack some height strength and physicality in midfield. Maybe Kevin beings that on his return (the physicality and strength, if not the height)

We need to be sharper and to cut out mistakes. Mistakes in the league below we probably got away with, those mistakes here are costing us goals and games.

At 1-0 down and ten men we actually started to dominate proceedings, especially with the intro of Danny Bassett who has looked lively every opportunity he's given. We could sit back soak up pressure vs 11 men and then counter. We started to do that really well and then a horrendous goal kick clearance from Kyle led to their second. For the third Sandy tried to beat a man inside our half when he didn't need to and they broke and scored from the same play. Too many mistakes.

Mike Dixon also needs to try and hold it up better and make it stick. No doubt the oppositions centre halves were good at quietening him today, but even when we managed to find him, he would either misplace a pass or it would bounce off him back to them, gotta stick better!

Got to be better than that on Monday otherwise we are in real trouble.

My perspective is that we've just entered a new league where the standard is much better, and we need to rise to that. The journey was always going to be bumpy, and we have to stick with it! It would be great to judge us after a few more games 11 vs 11 please!!


26/8/2017 11:34 pm  #10

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

Our problems today started with SPB who started by spending most of his time having a go at the referee. He's clearly not learned yet that at this level (I think the refs are light years better than last season) he won't get away with the s**t he constantly deals out, and is therefore a severe liability to the team

Today, rather than defend a dangerous free kick, he preferred to get himself booked again, not for an incident he was directly involved in, but just to carry on his earlier rant. As a result he comprehensively failed to attend to his supposed prime function i.e as a central defender - and allowed a carthorse of an opposing centre half to lumber upfield and casually nod home the first goal courtesy of  a free header inside the six yard box and therefore totally F*** up everything the lads had been battling for.

When things are tough I find it incredible that the captain is the one who starts the unravelling process. Okay, we were second best at that point, but we had created more direct chances and - look at last year - we have developed a knack of making the most of limited opportunities.  My opinion is that SPB compromised the team today.



26/8/2017 11:43 pm  #11

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

It was always going to take our team a while to acclimatise to playing in the higher division. And I am relieved that not many of the zebra clad faithful are going over the top - for now.
This may take some time. And the players need our support.

However........I do agree with 59er that the passing, in particular in the first 30 minutes, was sub standard.
Player after player dwelled too long on the ball instead of simply finding a teammate with an earlier pass with the result that Enfield had us pinned back in our own half for long periods. That usually ends one way.

The ref seemed to be in a reasonable position for our penalty shout. In addition to the shove off the ball an elbow seemed to be quite high. I was expecting the point to the spot followed by a card but...nothing.  Very odd.

I don't think it is fair to say that Billy D is unfit.  Surely everyone can see he lost a shed load of weight over the summer. But he is a confidence player and needs a goal or two to get those twinkle toes dazzling us.

Should be a good atmosphere on Monday so get behind your team and cheer them on to turn things around.


27/8/2017 7:51 am  #12

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

Bondy wrote:

It was always going to take our team a while to acclimatise to playing in the higher division. And I am relieved that not many of the zebra clad faithful are going over the top - for now.
This may take some time. And the players need our support.

Mr Bond - Like you, I hope that the faithful do just that and stay with it. This may be a tougher season than we all thought and I'm already beginning to readjust my lofty ambitions. While we may need a reinforcement or two I really hope we can stick with this young squad who provided us with so much entertainment last year. Given the time and support, I'm sure that they will prove themselves at this level.

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27/8/2017 10:09 am  #13


27/8/2017 10:57 am  #14

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

I agree with the above that Sol is increasingly and annoyingly a liability. Not just the rubbing up refs the wrong way but some of the risks he takes with the ball at the back and the constant needless fouls (like the soft one which gave the freekick  from which Brightlingsea scored).

Also do we actually have a larger budget?  If so, why is it not being used for strengthening the team? The only two new players were on the bench yesterday. I'm all for trying to build upon last season with the same core players but if we aren't going to struggle all season I think we do need at least 2 or 3 players who have been playing regularly at this level.


27/8/2017 4:11 pm  #15

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

I remember a public plea from frank and co in the off season for any help with budget via fundraising or sponsoring. Whilst clearly not definitive, that felt to me like a sign that we didn't have a bigger budget, or at least not bigger enough for Frank's wants! 

Crowds seem marginally higher in our two home games vs last year, so hopefully there are a few more coppers going into the budget...

Good luck to the lads tomorrow. I will be cheering on as I always do! Tough test against a team that are expected to be there or thereabouts, we need heart, fight and most importantly discipline on the field tomorrow.


27/8/2017 8:28 pm  #16

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

The conclusions that are being drawn should come as no surprise to us all.
At the start of the season it was obvious that ,
( 1 ) the quality of football will be higher,
( 2 ) our opponents will be more committed than what we were facing last season,
( 3 ) our players will need to work harder should they wish to compete,
( 4 ) we should not expect too much early on.
So far all of the aforementioned has proved correct, Frank and Paul will be well aware of what is required and I am sure are working hard to improve the situation, hopefully by bringing in some new faces who are used to this level.
But more importantly the players need to realise the need to raise their game if they wish to continue playing in the premier division.
We as supporters can also play our part starting tomorrow by getting behind the team and shouting encouragement as this can also lift the team as it did so many times last season when the chips were down.


27/8/2017 11:00 pm  #17

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

Well said Alan.
I had 'supporters' behind me on Saturday who were shouting negative comments at our players and then turned on the management team within just 15 minutes of the start.
The clue to our role is in the word - Supporter.   Even if we have paid for the privilege.

It is not the player who has just scored that needs our applause and encouragement. They are already feeling great.  It is the player who has just made a mistake who needs it.
In my dreams I suspect.

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28/8/2017 7:17 am  #18

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

They were probably the same people who, last season were saying that " this team and the management were the best we had for a long time".
Understanding the human mind and how it works is not rocket science, if you want to get the best out of someone, hurling abuse is not the way to do it.
Like many or our supporters on Saturday, I was bitterly disappointed at the result and the way we played, but you have to keep things in context, it was only our third game, this level would be, and is proving to be, so different from last season, and a need for adjustment is required but I feel sure it will get better, if not, so be it, after all it is only a game and it certainly beats shopping!


28/8/2017 10:15 am  #19

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

Felt down after Saturday.I feel we didn't give Enfield enough to worry about.We seamed to play better when we went to 10 men.Everyone in the ground knows we should had a penalty!That was worse than Wedgies tackle by far.Lets be fair though we didn't deserve anything from game.I see one change from last season is to do away with wingers,and play more narrow.Try and get fullbacks forward when possible.Is that not working?or do we not have the players to do it.Its going to be a long debate about Dunn.If he gets a goal or two he's a hero.If not then does he do enough work to keep his place?Oh well lets cross fingers for today's game.Might be worth giving Bassett a run out?He carried a threat on Saturday.Dixon though trying can't do it on his own.


28/8/2017 1:09 pm  #20

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

Just one view regarding the penalty incident, from where I was, at the end, right in line, not even a foul, referee was right Clements was looking for it, just my view, did Clements actually complain that much.
As far as the team goes, with the exception of Cunningham who I think is too lightweight and needs too many touches the rest should be given a chance, granted we need more depth, another striker and midfielder for me,
Not quite sure why Spencer isn't playing either, a decent player from what I've seen.


29/8/2017 11:37 am  #21

Re: Tooting 0 Enfield Town 4

This being my first game of the season, I was looking forward to it and thought a win was possible. It soon became evident that it would not be the case. Even before the first goal went in you could see we were not up to it against a team that there was nothing special about them, but they did the basic right. Alarm bells were ringing early on, the passing was poor and we just couldn't keep the ball. The sending off was a surprise when the red card was shown and despite a bit of a fight after the second goal ended it. From then on it was all one way and made for a depressing last twenty minutes. The goal keeper had a shocker of a game, but to be fair to him it was the first time to my knowledge he has been guilty of such offence. We lacked any punch up front and I have to agree that Billy Dunn didn't look interested or know where to play. I thing it is pretty obvious that a top ten finish is wishful thinking unless changes are made.


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