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28/8/2017 5:04 pm  #1

Dulwich Giants 2 - 1 Tooting and Midget

Don’t get me wrong I have no complaints about the result today.  Unless we muscle up we are going to lose a lot of games in this league.  They hit the post at least three times, and although Kyle had very little to do we could have no complaints if it was 3 or 4.  
And for what its worth I thought Frank got the subs wrong.  Unless Chace and Dicko were injured I thought they should have stayed on and we should have took off the wingers and played narrow for the final half an hour.  But anyway I would always trust Frank over my opinion.
The thing that really stuck in my throat today was the crowd.  Now I remember going to the Dog Kennel when Dulwich used to get 300 – 400 and I’m as impressed as anyone that they’ve now found a load of new people to watch their games.  And before you think of me as some knuckle dragging working class neanderthal I’ve been known to go to vegan restaurants, I actually like hummus and I even eat quinoa once – although it was accidental.  I support many of the “causes” that they espouse. 
But the ground was just full of people “milling about” and gawping like they were looking at paintings in a national trust house.  Chatting about Rubbish.  Some people had brought their dogs with them.  I lost count of the number of trophy babies getting sunstroke in their expensive baby carriers.  One lad was carrying a tennis racket (a fucking tennis racket?!?).  And seriously 1000 pink scarves??? It was 30 degrees!?!
They didn’t seem to be very bothered when they fell behind.  And not much more interested when they went in front.
I hate the Premiership and their 'pay £200 to get in a queue so you might be able to buy a ticket next season' Rubbish.  But if this alternative is the only other future I’m not sure I want this either.
The only highlight was the toddler who stood in front of Dave Irons staring at him for about a minute.  Like she’d never seen anything like Dave Irons before?!?!

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28/8/2017 5:42 pm  #2

Re: Dulwich Giants 2 - 1 Tooting and Midget

Be thankful that their lanky No9 was a showboater who couldn't hit a barn door or they might have scored 6.

Men against boys again. A div 1 south side will not do well in this division.


28/8/2017 6:20 pm  #3

Re: Dulwich Giants 2 - 1 Tooting and Midget

I was going to post something very similar myself NSD.
It was like being in a kindergarten.
Parents with pushchairs were still arriving 25 minutes after the start.
Nobody seemed very bothered by the footie, certainly not the YummyMummies.
It was just somewhere loads of blokes could go to drink beer with their families.
Very strange.

As to the footie, thought we had a very good, concentrated, disciplined and organised first 30 mins.
Midfield working hard to stop them running the game under no pressure.
And just about deserved to go ahead from a stonewall penalty.

But then.....we just could not keep the ball in their half (again).
The ball never found Danny B on his side and Dan S was being forced back.
As at the weekend, that pressure will only end one way.

Our 5 subs warmed up busily at half time. But not one of them was taller than Mrs Bondy.
And I would not have thought of putting her on to wrestle the game back from the tall and muscular Dullwits side.  (The exception being their skinny 11 who was a different class).

I don't want to trade quick and skilful players for great lumps with little footballing talents but the evidence from our 4 games suggests that even when Kevin is fit again we will need more beef in the squad to survive.
None of this will have escaped Frank and Paul in whom we place our trust. 
Still early days. Only one team goes down!


28/8/2017 7:14 pm  #4

Re: Dulwich Giants 2 - 1 Tooting and Midget

I felt very sad on way home.Thought the whole team gave everything they had.For that effort they didn't deserve to get beaten.No one can say they didn't play for Frank and Paul,but we were pushed further and further back,until there was no way out.I agree with the others.Just out muscled in midfield.


29/8/2017 3:22 am  #5

Re: Dulwich Giants 2 - 1 Tooting and Midget

I could see from the start that this league is a far better standard with a lot more physical power especially down the middle. Not just today but in all games this season we've come up against powerful units. We have no power and hate to say it are bullied at times. I understand budget is not the best but neither to do I believe it's the worst.If after a few more games things carry on the same hate to say it but some of the old wood needs to go and height and presence bought in. These teams are not chipstead and if left could be a very long season I fear. Like bondy and most I also trust Paul and Frank but fear were to small and that this league a lot of these players have been found out and to be honest are not good enough.


29/8/2017 6:18 pm  #6

Re: Dulwich Giants 2 - 1 Tooting and Midget

Lots of character shown and the team seemed far more comfortable reverting to the system used last year. Good one touch from Mike and good acceleration and footwork from Dan C to win the penalty. Benefits of moving the ball quickly which has been missing in previous games. Held them well for a long time but seemed to surrender initiative as much as Dulwich imposing themselves - a bit of both I think. Overall a much improved effort so well done to the team on a hard working if eventually fruitless display against strong opposition. Hope we can keep believing in ourselves and develop a quicker more fluid passing game which we need to be successful against physically strong sides. I thought there were good signs in the first 25 minutes and with a few fluent moves later on. In the end beaten by 2 good strikes from outside the box, 1 from a set piece, although we rode our luck once they made it 1-1. Something to build on I think and morale intact. Nice to play 11 against 11!


30/8/2017 9:39 am  #7

Re: Dulwich Giants 2 - 1 Tooting and Midget

I ultimately left disappointed, as i really hoped we might hold out for the 1-0 or at worst the 1-1. But if i'm being honest we were second best for the entire game and let's be honest they are a higher budget and stronger side than us who have played at this level for years and I expected them to outplay us, and they did. So no shame there really. 

Was Kevin injured? I assumed against Enfield was his serving of suspension fo the 2 yellows vs Staines? I did think Eddie did excellently though. 

When you think about it we've had a fairly tough start in terms of the calibre of teams we've played, no? Staines - they look strong despite the drubbing this weekend. Enfield - they were play offs last season if i remember correctly. Dulwich... Brightling...unknown quantity and newly promoted like us, Merstham are seasoned at this level and quite solid, especially with ex-pro Ryan Hall in their side. Perhaps we might get a run of games soon where we can dominate proceedings a bit better and grab some points? 

Encouraged by the performance against Dulwich but the fact remains we are quite light on height/strength and it shows. 

Like Bondy said, i don't want to trade some of our technically gifted players for big lumps instead, but there probably is a balance that we haven't quite got right yet. Anyway, still early days and I only really want to pass a judgement after 10 games to see where we are. 


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