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10/9/2017 4:39 pm  #1

Tooting 1 Needham Market 1

Thought we were a bit unlucky yesterday.  I thought we were pretty good in central midfield and won our fair share of 50/50s. And we attacked through the middle and on both flanks. But we struggled a bit to test the goalie too much. We had plenty of efforts from distance but we're finding that defenders are half a yard quicker in this division and are getting the blocks in.

But there was plenty to be optimistic about so even if we don't mount a play off challenge we should be competitive in most games as long as we keep eleven players on the pitch.


10/9/2017 6:40 pm  #2


11/9/2017 3:47 pm  #3

Re: Tooting 1 Needham Market 1

I would go further to say we were VERY unlucky yesterday and gave them a lot more trouble than they gave us. Although they still hit our post once and there were a few other hairy moments. 

We should have won, we peppered their goal and played most of the game in and around their box, but like endo mentioned some of the efforts were a bit speculative and pot shotty. But still, we should have won. It's inexcusable that we conceded that early, from their kick off, ball played in the channel which lead to their throw (OK with all of this). Throw turns to corner. OK with this. Corner turns to goal - not ok! Gotta defend those better. Don't concede that early and you probably win that game.

Decent performance though. Not sure how representative of the league they are, seemed a young-faced side. Perhaps inexperienced. 


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