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30/9/2017 4:32 pm  #1

The Famous Five

No, not Enid Blyton. 5 sendings off in 9 league games. Not a record to be proud of - even if some of the decisions were marginal.

It's costing us dearly.


30/9/2017 4:50 pm  #2

Re: The Famous Five

Wasn't there myself, but apparently the Bassett red card today was harsh to say the least. I was at work at flitting back and forth to check on proceedings on Roger's Twitter feed and he described it as one of the worst decisions he has seen.

What was the view of anyone else who was there??


30/9/2017 6:55 pm  #3

Re: The Famous Five

I wonder when it stops being "just bad luck"? I thought the decision for a red today was absolutely appalling. I was right next to it. High foot, yes. a little clumsy? Definitely. Intent to hurt? No. Caught him in the face? No. A yellow? probably yes. A red - never ever. sorry. Even their players were surprised. The guy made the most of it, but i think all players do that nowadays. 

Game was even until that point, if anything we probably shaded it and stifled them quite a lot. They looked frustrated, perhaps thinking we'd be a walkover. Did well to get to half time nil nil, but i never really thought we'd get to the end of the game 0-0, we were always going to struggle second half against a team that are second in the league. And it happened as expected. 

The other thing this ten men experiment thing we're trialing is doing is making some of our players heavy legged so early on in the season. Having to chase the ball for a good chunk of five games now with ten men is no good for anyone, especially not in such a tough league. 


30/9/2017 7:00 pm  #4

Re: The Famous Five

You know, I go out of my way to avoid hyperbole when commentweeting because it's very easy to get one-eyed - especially when you're with the behind-the-goal crowd.  And if I'm claiming 5 or 6 "definite" penalties every week then people will realise I'm not being objective. And when I'm Roger Ramone I try to be as objective as possible so that people can rely on my comments.

But that was so NOT a red card today. Bassett was looking to bring a high ball down and had his leg at about 90 degrees. Then a Hendon player challenged for the same ball - and if anything, he crashed into Danny's foot. And it wasn't head high or anything. Just a normal bit of play that ended up with some contact.

Terrible decision.


30/9/2017 7:59 pm  #5

Re: The Famous Five

Agree entirely. In fact it was so innocuous that their player picked up the ball to take what he assumed was their throw, as the ball was near the touchline and went out of play in the non-incident. Only to be stopped from throwing when the referee decided to brandish a red in very over-confident fashion. 


30/9/2017 8:27 pm  #6

Re: The Famous Five

Danny came behind the dug outs at the end of the game, understandably dejected.
Their management freely expressed the view that the red card was 'harsh'.
They offered the use of their video footage in support of any appeal the club would wish to lodge (by Tuesday I believe).
Fingers crossed as the games coming up against Worthing and Brightlongsea are crucial ones.


30/9/2017 9:26 pm  #7

Re: The Famous Five

For me when I noticed that the Hendon players were not appealing for anything, said it all.
At half time I was standing alongside two of Hendon`s senior club officials who were saying "how organised we were in comparison to their team" which was no understatement, but I am afraid that once the first goal was scored our organisation seemed to disappear and it became a matter of time before we conceded again.
I still feel the management and players can turn it around and their is no need to panic, Tuesday is retribution night when a good display and hopefully even one point will convince the players we can live at this level.
Games can be won and lost by fine margins and we have not always had the rub of the green, but the players have to start believing in themselves as they are not as bad as our points total suggest`s.


01/10/2017 7:35 am  #8

Re: The Famous Five

Setting aside the individual decisions it's worth considering the impact of the sendings off.

In the 5 matches we have been reduced to 10 men we've lost all 5 games scoring one goal and conceding 18.In the other 4 games we've drawn 3 and lost one, scoring 5 and conceding 6. In three of those losses we were either level or just one goal down.

At this level it is pretty difficult to compete with one player short. The issue for me is less about the decisions of the referees but about the decision making of players. Analyse where on the pitch the tackles/incidents occured. Did our players need to be making the challenge. Apart from the Tupper sending off - probably not.

Add to that a couple of rash challenges near the half way line by Sol which earned him a couple of bookings and led to free kicks that the opposition scored from, you can see the accumulative damage this is doing. In those two matches we drew. An extra 4 points would have been rather helpful.

We can bemoan the decision making but sometimes we need to analyse whether we could have avoided the situation in the first place.

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01/10/2017 8:56 am  #9

Re: The Famous Five

Danny was distraught when we spoke to him and said the red card was very harsh which would seem plausible from most of the Hendon fans I spoke to. Danny felt that he had let the team down but it's not the case in this instance.

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01/10/2017 9:16 am  #10

Re: The Famous Five

Wolfie - I fully accept that this was probably one of those decisions that didn't warrant a red card.

​The issue for me is - can we instil a bit more caution in players in areas of the pitch where there is no danger of giving away a goal.

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01/10/2017 9:45 am  #11

Re: The Famous Five

Totally agree with you. Rash challenges need to be stopped


01/10/2017 11:51 am  #12

Re: The Famous Five

With 2 home games this week,need something.Im not counting on Worthing match being easy,that's for sure.Did the new guy get on?Need to get at at these teams straight from kick off,and take our chances.Hope every one is fit.Guess Mac still out.


01/10/2017 12:28 pm  #13

Re: The Famous Five

New fella didn't come on. K Mc is out for a few more weeks I think


02/10/2017 3:53 pm  #14

Re: The Famous Five

A pattern continues to emerge. Five sendings off five defeats, the other loss was a late goal for Dulwich. Three draws v mid-table opponents all of which could/should have been won. We have played all 3 top teams away and played in total only 3 home games and 6 away.
A mixture of shooting ourselves in the foot and not finding enough to get us over the line.
Let's get on the front foot and be  aggressive early on to get ahead and boost confidence - we have only been in front in two games to date (Merstham and Dulwich).
The above seems to indicate we are not too far away from getting a result against most sides  if we keep discipline and get a break.


02/10/2017 4:03 pm  #15

Re: The Famous Five

Love and agree with the optimism in this thread. We aren't far off. Let's keep 11 vs 11 on the pitch and see how we do. Starting tomorrow.

Interestingly the only side that I would say have humbled us so far 11 vs 11 is Staines at their place. OK we ended up with 10 men, but we were already 2 nil down by the time Kevin McLaren got sent off and they absolutely overwhelmed us 11 vs 11. 

Burgess Hill away was also 3-1 down by the time we got the keeper sent off, but again, I would say we were in that game somewhat creating chances. 

Tomorrow is a big test and I can't wait. Come on boys!!


02/10/2017 4:15 pm  #16

Re: The Famous Five

I don't see Bassett's name on the FA's suspension list - so perhaps we have already appealed.  But I'll be honest, I'd be surprised if the ref's decision is overturned.  Doesn't happen very often at our level - unless your name is Wimbledon.


02/10/2017 10:32 pm  #17

Re: The Famous Five

Now that is interesting Benny because I had been thinking of posting something very similar myself.

All these sendings off have resulted in the team shape needing to be quite negative for long periods of matches. The lads have had to work their nuts off trying to contain the opposition and then catch them on the break. And despite much endevour that has not been easy for a tiring Omar or Mike D playing up front alone against 2 or 3 chunky central defenders.

We need to see our most creative midfielders (Chace and Billy) let free to exhibit their full range of trickery right up on the edge of the opposition box to create havoc and a host of chances.
Of course that would be so much easier if Kevin was fit and providing a wall of stiff resolve in front of the back 4. And his return will be warmly welcomed.

Let's hope we can keep 11 men on the field and approach the next two games at home in a much more attacking formation.  Onward and upward.


02/10/2017 10:42 pm  #18

Re: The Famous Five

Also....I was party to a chat between the warming up subs on Saturday.
And the question was posed to Mike D when he started scoring last season.
He thought November.  Before that it was Billy D who was knocking them in.

Well I have checked and he was right. His first goal came in the game against Chatham on 1st November.
And we all know what happened after that eh.

It is all about confidence, even when playing in a division higher.
Create some chances, score a few goals, win a few games.  Things will change. Cheer the boys on.


03/10/2017 10:10 am  #19

Re: The Famous Five

Agree re Kevin Mclaren Bondy, however I would like to give praise to Eddie Dines who is also very good and effective in that position. We struggle when both are unavailable as we end up putting a more attacking minded player and asking him to be disciplined - not easy. 

Anyone know what has happened to Ollie Bennett? Haven't seen him in a squad for a while. Is he still with us?


03/10/2017 10:39 am  #20

Re: The Famous Five

I don't really want to see wholesale changes, but at the same time, how long can you keep trying the same type of system that worked so well last season.  Chace is a good example. I thought he did really well last season in a deeper role.  But we were getting lots of other people forward such as Hoban, Clements and Dunn who were all causing problems to the opposition.

But this season, even though I think Billy Dunn is playing well, he's just not getting into dangerous positions.  So maybe he could play a wider, more advanced role leaving Chace to fill the attacking midfielder position.  The holding midfielders could be Dines and Wilson.


03/10/2017 10:57 am  #21

Re: The Famous Five

For me it should be something akin to: 

Sol, Callum, Quincy, Wedgie 
Clements, Chace, Bassett/Sandy, 

Obviously that looks mighty complicated, but it isn't. Effectively Chace drops deep when needed and Billy pushes forward most of the time to support Mike or Omar with the wingers doing a lot of forward and backwards work (which they're both capable of). It's key that Billy is always close to the striker, instead of dropping deep. A lot of the time we play the ball into Omar's feet, but no one is close enough to him to pick it up off him. Mike when fit should start over Omar given his increased mobility. 

When needed you get Chace to sit deeper alongside Kevin for games where we are expected to be dominated in possession or overrun. 

but of course I am just a fan and this is just opinion. I trust Frank and Paul wholly. 


03/10/2017 12:47 pm  #22

Re: The Famous Five

Incidentally, Bassett is now on the suspended players list - 3 games beginning with Worthing on Saturday.


03/10/2017 10:44 pm  #23

Re: The Famous Five

I understand we have the video and have lodged an appeal.


04/10/2017 7:33 am  #24

Re: The Famous Five

59robbery wrote:

Setting aside the individual decisions it's worth considering the impact of the sendings off.

In the 5 matches we have been reduced to 10 men we've lost all 5 games scoring one goal and conceding 18.In the other 4 games we've drawn 3 and lost one, scoring 5 and conceding 6. In three of those losses we were either level or just one goal down

We'll that stat's rather ruined.............

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04/10/2017 11:23 am  #25

Re: The Famous Five

He was on the bench Gary.


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