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03/10/2017 9:01 pm  #1


Well that was a load of bolloxs.


03/10/2017 9:35 pm  #2

Re: Staines

Was actually quite worrying how we fell apart. Could easily have been double figures given the number of chances Staines had in the end.

10 of the 11 who started the game were regulars last season and I think it must be obvious now that we do need to acquire some new premier league standard players quickly if we are going to have any chance of turning this around.

The way we are playing we are constantly under pressure against bigger, faster and more experienced players. I've been quite surprised by how uncompetitive we've been in the games I've seen but clearly there is a gulf between this league and the league we won last season.

Would be good to know what Frank and Paul's plan is.


03/10/2017 9:50 pm  #3

Re: Staines

I'm forever the optimist but I can't defend that tonight. Appalling.

I think it's admirable that frank and Paul have put their faith in the bunch that entertained us and won us fhe league last season, but I think it's time for a bit of a shake up in personnel on the pitch.

Saturday is a huge game. I can't imagine it's going to be a spectacle with 2 struggling teams on show. The preverbial 6 pointer has come early on in the season for us.


03/10/2017 11:14 pm  #4

Re: Staines

Now this will perhaps come as something of a surprise to many as I have been a strong critic on occasions in the past but.....I am going to praise the Waldorf & Stadler section in the stand.

They could quite easily have ripped in noisily to any number of our players as tonight’s performance fell apart in such a shambolic way.
However they, like the rest of us, simply watched their team playing without an ounce of confidence in shocked silence, perhaps in the realisation that any vocal vitriol was simply a waste of time.

When our most consistent week in week out rock is reduced to perhaps being the weakest link that reflects how far the fragile team morale has descended.  Very sad.
And without Matte P the score could have been...........who knows?

We at least managed to keep 11 players on the pitch tonight.
And that, in keeping with a number of pre match postings on this forum, allowed the team to set out in a much more attack minded formation with players up in support of Mike D.
What happened after that was a horrible embarrassment.


03/10/2017 11:19 pm  #5

Re: Staines

Having read and understood all the aforementioned I can fully understand where you are all coming from, but let us not forget where we came from.
This season is proving just how much of a difference there is between the two divisions, the major one being the individual strength of the players, too many time we just get shrugged off the ball by players who are not only bigger, but also stronger.
Nobody, who is realistic, surely did not realise that this season was going to prove a big test for not only the players but also the management.
Let us not forget the preceeding season and who got us to where we are today, so I would just say to both Frank , Paul, and the players, we know this result, and the season so far, is hurting you just as it is hurting us, but do not lose faith in what you believe and what you have achieved so far in such a short space of time, fortunately their are still plenty of games to get it right which I am sure you will.


04/10/2017 5:18 am  #6

Re: Staines

Men against boys.

Gary and I were talking at the the Dorking match at the end of last season and we both agreed that players experienced at this level need to be brought in or we would struggle.  A Division 1 South side will not prosper in this divistion and it is sad to think that our only hope is that one club only will be relegated this season.

No critism of Frank and Paul, or for that matter the players for this division is a (sorry about the pun)  different league to last year's.  I really hope to be proved wrong but I believe that without an injection of cash we will all have to get used to being the losing side.


04/10/2017 6:15 am  #7

Re: Staines

Did anyone win the Euromillions lottery last night?


04/10/2017 7:10 am  #8

Re: Staines

Well I've not seen Anthony that upset in a while... Left at 0-4 and by the time I'd driven the 10mins back to Hackbridge it was 0-7.
Trying hard to remain positive but that was f*cking awful last night.
So much hard work done by unpaid volunteers to help raise sponsorship and increase playing funds and it's gone this badly wrong.
All the talk at Hendon was about the Worthing game almost if everyone had written us off last night already. Bearing in mind that how badly we've played against teams we should have beaten in the past I'm dreading Saturday already. Worthing must see the game as their chance to shine... And who can blame them.

152 there last night and around 30 of them were Staines. Loads of faces from the last couple of years not around now and on what we've seen this year who can blame them.

If you are a floating football fan with a free Saturday and have the  choice of watch us or Sutton or even Carshalton... Where would you go... We can kid ourselves we've been unlucky and played well but the bottom line is we have been terrible more often than not.

I've no idea what the answer is and I don't want to pick on anyone... But I do know one thing. If we don't get things right bloody quickly we are in big trouble...



04/10/2017 7:39 am  #9

Re: Staines

Well last season's players have had their chance and none of them can have any complaints if they are left out from now on.  And my "bad luck" excuses no longer hold water.  I'm afraid that we need a bit of a shake up - at least a defender, midfielder and attacker.

But where are we going to get one from that is good enough?  Just recently Tom Jelley and Mitchal Gough (both quality defenders at this level) have become available but have ended up elsewhere. I don't really have any answers as it will be difficult to attract proven players when you at the foot of the table.  Then you are forced to take gambles on players from lower divisions.

So we are in a spot.  Can't score and can't defend.  I don't normally think root and branch changes are the right thing for a football club, but in our case I think its needed.


04/10/2017 7:58 am  #10

Re: Staines

There has been talk on here about a lack of budget, I don’t know how our budget compares to other clubs nor do I pretend I do (unlike some)– but let’s face the facts, last night has less to do with budget and more to do with commitment, tactics and morale.Last season if Tooting were playing badly or went in at half time a goal down, something would be said in the changing room and a different team would come out in the second half and we would go on a win (even with 10 men). Last night the first 31 minutes was ok, but as soon as the goal went in it was heads dropped, game over. They just gave up; the second goal saw Cunningham 2 feet from the scorer but making no effort to challenge.Why take off Mike Dixon? Why not play him with Omar Folkes – two big strong guys up against any defence will cause problems. Why play Dunn who has done nothing since he came back from Greenwich? The only substitution I agreed with was taking Chase off who has been very poor this year. Where are Juevan Spencer & Tenny Adebowale. Has Nathan Corkery just been signed to keep the bench warm?Yes, the game ended 11 a-side for a change, but it would have nice if all 11 were actually playing.It’s a sad reflection when the best player in the side was the goal keeper who let in 7 – I feel sorry for Matte Pierson, he couldn’t really be blamed for any of the goals, which just shows how bad the defence was. Ok, rant over, see you Saturday!!!!

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04/10/2017 8:04 am  #11

Re: Staines

An appalling and embarrassing night for management and players alike. Square pegs in round holes - Billy is not suited to a wide role as his assets do not include speed and the ability and fitness to work up and down. Their right back was allowed to run forward with no tracking. I don't think that Sandy is best suited to a wide role either. Chase in the 10 role could not get into the game at all and get the touches on the ball that he gets in a central midfield role. He looked off the pace and struggled to have any impact playing further forward.
More worryingly we seemed to lack fitness, competitiveness, pace and pride in performance. Staines should have been out of sight by halftime as that were wasted a number of clear chances. Once the floodgates opened we couldn't get close enough to stop them running at us at will as they cut us to ribbons.

We have had some OK performances but without results so I understand management desperately seeking to change things in order to find a winning formula. I just think they got it all wrong.

General fitness also seems to be an issue at times. Last night stamina, mobility, speed and strength were all found wanting across the whole team. Saturday looms big now and is a must win situation in order to stop what last night showed could only be termed as a rot. We went backwards big time and the performance was unacceptable.


04/10/2017 9:50 am  #12

Re: Staines

I don't get to many games due to work commitments, but happened to be free for last night's match. Good company aside, I wish I hadn't bothered.

We looked second best throughout the match. Their keeper only had one save to make in the first half, and that was missed by the Ref!

Time and time again we were carved open. Staines put countless dangerous crosses into the box, and it was a surprise they were only one up at the break.

That at least gave us hope that a different Tooting might turn it around in the second half.

If anything, Staines looked even more dominant in the second half, and it didn't take them long to double their lead.

What really puzzled me was the substitutions. Chase and Dicko and later Jordan were taken off. Injured? Saved for Worthing?

After the subs, the flood gates opened. Had it not been for some great keeping from Matte it would surely have been double figures.

I'm not sure there is a solution to our struggles with the current squad of players. In my opinion, we need at least 3 imposing players that can get hold of the game and dictate play. Too often last night we were chasing shadows, and when we did get near the opposition we were easily bullied. Wing play was virtually non existent from us, and we had little success in the middle.

Frank and Paul deserve our support, and I hope they can turn it around. Saturday is a great opportunity for us to start picking up points. If not then surely we need to look at getting a few new faces in.


04/10/2017 9:52 am  #13

Re: Staines

Agree with Bondy that it was nice to see the fans not turn on the players. I would say that is true for the whole of the stadium, not just those behind the goal. Obviously there were a few discerning voices, but they are negative at the best of times - naming no names (but it drives me crazy!) 

But generally the fans were great yesterday. What is worrying is that most felt pity for the side rather than anger. We are like a wounded animal at the moment. 


04/10/2017 10:06 am  #14

Re: Staines

Gary, I was their last night, and yes it was a poor display I would not deny that but I do not give up on my team just because they are having a hard time. Hopefully things will get better, but you know what even if they do not I will still turn up rain or shine and if at the end of the season we are demoted, heaven forbid!, then I will still turn up, because that is what supporters do.
Last season we had a season which none of us, who were there, will ever forget, so let us not forget that and now times are hard, now is the time to get behind the team and give them encouragement.
Perhaps this is showing all of us that with our resources we can not live at this level and if so their are two options, more money or accept the obvious and go down a level, either way it is out of our hands so let us make the best of things and keep supporting the team.


04/10/2017 12:30 pm  #15

Re: Staines

What else can be said.We started well I thought,closing them down.And we did have couple of chances.Eddie Dines could have done better with his chances.When we got through to half time I thought maybe while it's only one goal we have a chance.Then the second half started.Felt very sorry for Matte.He had his pride to play for.Can we win a game at this level?Are Worthing as bad as us.?A crowd of 152 and it won't get any higher.Maybe the away teams will bring more.The thing is what can Frank/Paul do?we don't have the midfielders to tighten that  pat up.Its going to be long season.


04/10/2017 8:11 pm  #16

Re: Staines

Not pills Gary but before every game I take a large dose of reality, it does not ease the pain when the result is bad, but it does make it somewhat easier to bear.
If further medication is required when I arrive home I find several large brandies normally calm me down so allowing sleep to follow.    
My tipple of choice is "Keo"but you can not obtain it on prescription unfortunately. 


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