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14/11/2017 5:26 pm  #1

As it's all a bit quiet

with everyone depressed at our performance's I'm sure, I thought I would take a look at our attendance this season compared with last season.

So 8 home league games played, last season total attendance 1531.
This season after 8 games, 1885. That's something like an increase of 23%. Not bad???? Not sure myself but if we had been playing better then that percentage would be much higher. Supporters are a very fickle lot.

On a positive we have 2 games ahead that will attract a large crowd, Dulwich and Billericay. If we can only stay up this season then perhaps results will improve next season the so will the crowds.

Of course by coming up to the Premier division we need bigger gates to pay for a bigger budget, so is the 23% good enough or will the 2 plum games get us out of trouble financially and help our playing budget?



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