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24/10/2013 1:36 pm  #1


The announcement of the sad demise of Frank Janaway is a terrible loss for the club. I have a newspaper clipping of Frank pictured in a photo for a Balham League Team in his youth, I think he was down as Goalkeeper!  The last time I saw Frank was in the Car Park at Imperial Fields, being helped into the ground by Chris Jackson. Chris always maintained contact with Frank, especially in his later years.

Frank could never be missed in his natty mini trilby hat, and his off white raincoat. At the age of 103, he was around at the formation of Mitcham Wanderers. Not only was Frank our Oldest Supporter, but the last surviving connection with one of our founder clubs.

I am sure in the past Frank used to do the announcing at Sandy Lane, (I hope someone can confirm this please) squeezed into his tiny wooden cabin at the back of the main stand. The Highlight of the day would always be when he miss placed the record player needle onto the record, which generated a loud scratching noise through the loud speaker system. Those were” the great days.”
Rest in peace a true “Terror” and a humble servant of the Football Club.

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24/10/2013 9:32 pm  #2


Hello Mike,
Both Ian Bullock and I have been in regular contact with Frank over the last year.
We last saw him on Monday at the Fieldway Nursing Home close to Mitcham Tram Station, just a stone's throw from the ground. He was very weak and didn't recognise us.
He passed on Tuesday. It's only in the last few weeks that his health seriously declined.
There will be a full tribute to him in the next but one programme and a minute's silence on Saturday.


25/10/2013 6:20 pm  #3


Chris,  thank you on the update on Frank. Its great to  know two loyal, and if I  dare say it "Ancient supporters" kept in touch with Frank to the end, well done to you and Ian.

Please can I  request after the tribute is posted in the programme can a copy also be posted on to the Members Website, and the Unofficial Website.  Franks passing is on a par with Jack Beard's passing.

Lastly will there be a collection for Frank for whatever tribute, if so, please can arrangements be made to  advise how contributions can be made.

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27/10/2013 12:57 pm  #4



I'm breaking my self-imposed exile from this forum to request that I may use your recollections and tributes to Frank in the next T & M programme ?

Any further thoughts/tributes etc., would be welcome.

Thanks - DP


29/10/2013 10:02 am  #5


A tribute to Frank is now on the Members Site and hopefully will be printed in the next programme.
Frank had no family, only many friends mainly from the football club so no collection is envisaged apart from Committee people contributing towards a wreath.
I believe that other ways to honour Frank are being discussed.


29/10/2013 11:38 am  #6


Chris Woolley has asked me to change the above entry  as we are going to take up a collection to kick start a permanent memorial to him. Possibly a trophy for the best player of the season.
Sorry for the misunderstanding.


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