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11/10/2017 11:40 am  #1

Kingstonian manager resigns

Another odd one as they are just off the play offs.


11/10/2017 10:32 pm  #2

Re: Kingstonian manager resigns

Just been reading his goodbye message to the fans, it appears he had been misled by he board and just a month into the season, and his budget has been cut by £700.00.
He is blaming the recent run of poor results partly due to the reduction in finance, and some of his best players are now wanting to leave.
You can not help but feel sorry for the fans considering the situation they find themselves in.


12/10/2017 8:10 am  #3

Re: Kingstonian manager resigns

Be good if we could sign some of them. Aaron Goode quality right back ! He would come back to us.

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12/10/2017 8:29 am  #4

Re: Kingstonian manager resigns

Could not agree with you more Gary, but how old is he? although if he is coming to the end of his playing days you would assume that for one season he could do a job for us and right back is one of the positions that needs addressing.


12/10/2017 8:33 am  #5

Re: Kingstonian manager resigns

Dear All

It is with great sadness that I have tendered my resignation at Kingstonian F.C.

There are a few reasons but the main one is the budget cut. It’s not the amount nor the fact that it
is softened by the ‘boost the budget’ scheme. It has drained me of any energy or enthusiasm and
that is my biggest attribute. At the end of the season presentation it was my intention to leave but
the Chairman presented a decent package although roughly £700 less than the previous years
budget and persuaded me to stay. It was something I felt I could work with and be successful. To
have that cut ONE month into the season was something I took very personally and at worse felt I
had been misled. It’s maybe not my place but having a boost the budget scheme and then cutting
the budget doesn’t sit right.

This was compounded by the recent chats regarding Tolfrey, who I believe to be the best keeper
in the league, Taylor who is a goalscoring midfielder and currently our top scorer plus Vilcu who is
arguably the best CB in the division. The willingness to release this quality of player brings into
question any ambitions the club have.

Another reason is Mark Anderson stepping down. Mark was the chief reason I decided to stay on
this season and has always been very supportive.

I announced the cutbacks after our game with Tonbridge with us sitting in 4th place (there’s never
a good time), the response was what you might expect. Players wanting to leave and a general air
of despondency. The impact was a negative around the dressing room.

Maybe it’s a coincidence but the three games since have seen hugely disappointing results. They
have followed a similar pattern, a good start, followed by calamitous mistakes that if that were not
so poor would be comical. I have never in 18 years seen such a spell of incredibly poor goals
given away. For that I have a responsibility no doubt but the quick follow up goal in all three
games has been due to a poor reaction, which is very alien to my sides. I always look at myself
first and foremost and without doubt with the injury to Vilcu we need a complete revamp
defensively, however I firmly believe the budget cut has rocked morale.

In hindsight it might have been better to walk away after the incredible last 6 games of last season
or maybe hung around for the first one of this but I leave the club in 7th place just a short time
after inheriting a team in the bottom 4. I also believe I have left some fantastic players in the
squad. We’re also currently under budget so I leave with my head held high and not tarnishing all
the hard work we have put in over the past 6 months.

By and large I’ve had a great time at the club and the supporters have been fantastic to me. They
have been incredible and as good as any I have known in 18 years of management.
I truly wish the club every success and best wishes finding a true home.




12/10/2017 8:36 am  #6

Re: Kingstonian manager resigns

Only 29 Alan. He was 18 when he first played for us.

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12/10/2017 9:42 am  #7

Re: Kingstonian manager resigns

I remember when he was playing for us but not his age, so he has a few years left in him yet!
Let us hope that Frank contacts him.


12/10/2017 11:33 am  #8

Re: Kingstonian manager resigns

He would love to return to Tooting that's all I am saying. Craig brought his own players in so he didn't really get to play enough this season.

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12/10/2017 11:45 am  #9

Re: Kingstonian manager resigns

I just checked Goode's appearances this season and he started 11 out of 13 league games, so that's not too bad!

If we did sign him it would be the best signing that we've made this season, but he's been at Kingstonian for at least 6 seasons so I'm not sure he'll be in a hurry to leave despite all the problems that they are having.

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12/10/2017 12:03 pm  #10

Re: Kingstonian manager resigns

If Frank wants him Roger and the money is right he would come. Although I am not a club associate I thinks it's best not to say anymore at this stage just in case Frank wants him.


13/10/2017 11:52 pm  #11

Re: Kingstonian manager resigns

How sorry I feel for the strategically shaved gorilla who, when he was Scumlet manager, enjoyed nothing more than winding up Terrors fans. Let's hope that's the end of the bit.


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