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01/4/2013 11:37 am  #1

Please Publicise this New Forum Board

Publicise this Website for the sake of the future of the Football Team
This is a message to anyone already reading this forum. Please ensure you let anyone you know who supports the Football Team are made aware of this new forum board.
The next few weeks for the club are the most important in it’s long and great history. Events of the last 2 seasons have indicated the Team are on the brink of oblivion. The situation was made worse with the announcement made at the Members AGM.
The views of every fan are very important, and as long as it’s constructive and contributes to fair debates, especially those on the future of the Football team.
Reading between the lines on the now defunct ”Bogend Forum”   it seems Chezzer has come under extreme pressure to  close his site, as certain postings have deemed to  be over the mark. The blatant attempt to filter all messages, together with the heavy censorship makes a mockery of freedom of speech. It is now obvious where that pressure was been directed at Chezzer, what is there to hide? There were some very revealing information being posted, whether true or not we don’t know.  
If any messages are deemed libellous, then the offended parties can take the appropriate action.  
Hopefully this unofficial forum will encourage and promote free speech, regardless of which side of a debate you support. I would like to thank the person who had the courage to set up this forum.


01/4/2013 12:07 pm  #2

Re: Please Publicise this New Forum Board

So that's your example of constructive and fair debate?

"Mickey Mouse Menbers Club"

"Heavy censorship"

"Blatant attempt to filter messages"

That is not the language of constructive debate. 

And incidentally, if there are libellous messages posted, then the owner of the board is repsponsible, so any board owner would probably be over-cautious about what he allows on the board.

In any case, if you want an uncensored debate, why not put your messages here


All information will be gladly posted here and you can comment to your heart's content.


01/4/2013 6:28 pm  #3

Re: Please Publicise this New Forum Board

Mikem - I really wasn't going to bother registering for this forum as I assumed it would continue to perpetuate the vitriolic abuse that we've seen on the old forum in recent weeks.

Your posting only confirms my worst fears.

So, why have I bothered?

The answer is quite simple. I spoke to our Chairman at the Dulwich game on Saturday. He was very honest and open about what is going on and explained some of the reasons why more discussions are required before any announcement can be made. I'm sure if you were to ask him at our match on Saturday he will take the time to explain the issues to you as well.

Try it - and then come back on here to say that you now understand rather more clearly why it hasn't yet been possible to provide a definitive message to the rest of us.

And that goes for anyone else who might be thinking of signing up to continue the sniping and chipping away at the reputation of a once proud club. God knows, there aren't many fans left who can be bothered to turn up every week - but it would be nice to think that those that do might make the effort to give our Chairman and the good name of Tooting & Mitcham United the support they deserve.

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