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18/6/2013 9:20 pm  #1

Stan Churchillman v Chris Woolley

Stan Churchillman v Chris Woolley
I read with interest to posting from Stan Churchilman titled “More lies from Chris Woolley” and decided to investigate who was really lying and who was telling the truth.


I need some confirmation from the members club, but at the moment it appears that nothing Stan Churchillman has said is not true.
Having said that, the members club can dispute some points that I have not been able to establish.
Firstly I can not find anything to support Stan Churchillman`s claim that the article on the members club website about the members club “history” is in fact written by Chris Woolley.
So can the members club please confirm who the author of this “history” is?
What I can confirm is that neither Martin Hazelwood or Alan Simpson were ever chairman of T&MUFC so quite clearly whoever the author of this “history” is, is lying.
There is also this thing about the unincorporated association never being wound up. Can the members club please confirm?
It is claimed in the “history” that the members club was formed to protect the members liability but I have established that the members club was incorporated on 30th June 2005 and the entity name of T&MUFC changed on 1st September 2005 from the unincorporated association to Tooting & Mitcham Sports & Leisure Limited.
So the claim on the members club site is not true and Stan Churchillman`s dates are correct.
Clearly there are things being claimed by the members club that are quite simply NOT TRUE.
Can we please have a statement from the members club SOON?


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27/6/2013 4:26 am  #2

Re: Stan Churchillman v Chris Woolley

A week has now gone by since I posted the above.

So quite clearly everything that Stan Churchillman is saying is true


Chris Woolley is a lier

With the members club having an EGM tomorrow night to try and pursuade their members to help them to start hammering the last few nails into a once great club`s cofin, will there be anybody at this meeting with enough backbone to stand up and question the lies of Chris Woolley?

I think not.

The members club do not allow critisism of any kind whatsoever.

Will the last person to leave the club tomorrow night please turn the lights out.


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27/6/2013 3:13 pm  #3

Re: Stan Churchillman v Chris Woolley

Bill Hill might have stood up to Chris Woolley. But Chris Woolley is really Steve Adkins, whatever Mr Adkins says he goes along with it. He is merely the frontman.


28/6/2013 9:03 pm  #4

Re: Stan Churchillman v Chris Woolley

Will the last person to leave the club tonight please turn the lights off


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