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02/4/2013 10:33 am  #1


A nice club with all that is needed for Ryman level football: a pitch, two tea bars, a good informative program, and all for £8.  Sadly the match was once again played between two ordinary sides with Tooting coming away once again with no points.

We went up in the first half with a nice Sol Pinnock finish, helped by the Mersterham keeper.  But, once again we came out in the second half asleep and conceded within 5 minutes. 

The Mersterham keeper shouted for the ball often at corners but seemed to miss it every time.  Sadly we did not learn from this and put someone at the far end of the box.  All of these little bits of common sense seem to be ignored.  The standard of the game, entertaining in parts, seemed to me to be a fair draw.  Then in the 90th minute we gave away a penalty and it was all over.


02/4/2013 11:09 am  #2

Re: Mersterham

It was a low key, and of season, mid table performance from us.  UNFORTUNATELY WE AREN'T MID TABLE!  The team need to realise that we are in a relegation battle.


02/4/2013 12:12 pm  #3

Re: Mersterham

Indeed we are.  We really do now need a win on Saturday.  The longer that the winless run goes on the more pressure there will be on the players to perform.

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03/4/2013 9:57 am  #4

Re: Mersterham

Got to admit I'm getting worried now. Too many people seem to think we are safe this season and we won't go down..
Just looking at the table shows we are very much in the mix to drop down again.

As for the game... Totally gutted about not coming back with something. Still think we were on side with the second disallowed goal and to give away yet another penalty and add to that yet another goal just after kicking off this time for the second half is a big concern. Clubs below us picking up points and Three Bridges seem to be pulling off a great escape by picking up a few wins. I've said a few times that we have been very unlucky this season but now I'm very worried about going down.



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