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09/7/2013 7:23 pm  #1


Going to have to miss the first league game of the season due to going to a wedding.... Little man might be there if it's a home game with his aunt.....


Should be at the friendlies so the Skull and crossbones flag will be on show.... (cheers Chris)....


11/7/2013 8:22 am  #2

Re: No.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deepest sympathies Old Son, you wait patiently like that all summer and then fate comes along to kick you in the goolies. What ya gonna do if the first game is Guernsey away ? I'd blow the wedding out if I were you. Mind you, I'd blow the wedding out if the first game was Walton Casuals away !!


12/7/2013 10:28 pm  #3

Re: No.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No choice with this one mate, more worried about how the little man will kick off If he can't go 

blown out a couple of weddings in the past and been dumped by two women over going to games instead of going out and about with them. 

Oh well..... Joys of being in love with football 

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