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04/4/2013 6:33 pm  #1

Suggestion Box

With the previous version of this forum, finding a particular topic may have been a little time consuming, especially as the forum grows.

I will leave this topic open as a suggestion box till Sunday Evening when I close the topic on suggestions.

May I take this opportunity to make the following suggestions:

1) On the INDEX thread shall we have ONLY MATCH DETAILS RELATED POSTS in its own section for ease of use?

2) Vote for particular personnel, registered on the forum to undertake certain posts: i.e:- JOEBLOGGS will be the FIXTURE and MATCH DETAIL POST-PERSON, etc, etc.

3) Supporters Club Thread?

I think it will give the forum co-hesion, be more inclusive, lessen heated debate and with the co-hesion will afford teamwork and unify a common goal.

I shall close this post (unable to leave a reply) at 10pm this coming Sunday. If you feel this maybe too soon and maybe we need  a little longer to include further registered personnel whom may be of benefit to the common goal, please feel FREE to express your view.

Thank you.

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04/4/2013 7:04 pm  #2

Re: Suggestion Box

I have laid the basic format for the forum to give a visual of the concept.

I have also added a Twitter Access so that those who cannot attend can access Live Match Commentary. However this may come with issues regarding attending games.

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