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21/8/2019 8:40 am  #1

Tooting 3 Ashford 1

I was very impressed by the team tonight.  I don’t get to many games so maybe its been building, but they looked an excellent unit.  They kept possession well, especially in the first half, but when we did attack it was with pace and purpose.  And crucially we kept getting plenty of players into the box.
I like the midfield – there is a bit of everything in there, pace, power, trickery, energy and steel.  And everyone seemed on the same page – unlike some disjointed performances I’ve seen in the past.
And I gather that most of the players on the bench, plus a couple who aren’t currently in the squad have performed well in pre-season and would not weaken the team if called upon.
Obviously there are still aspects of the game that need work, but it is a great start to the season and I’m filled with confidence for once!

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21/8/2019 12:21 pm  #2

Re: Tooting 3 Ashford 1

I agree, we looked good!

I thought the right wing back George was outstanding, provided width and pace in attack and 

DMG has always been a workaholic in midfield, but i'm starting to see his distribution and link play improve as well. 

Sol PB worries me at times, but he's a good captain and leader and one of our more experienced heads. 

I think we'll have harder challenges to come, as I didn't think Ashford were up to much, but you can only beat what is in front of you. 

Keepers distribution could do with some improvement. 

Formation looked well balanced. 

Agree that the subs bench is strong. A.Beckford and O.Hibbert looked strong from the bench. 

One thing I'll never understand is when some of our fans get disgruntled and moan and groan by our passes across the back and into midfield and then back again. You have to build play this way. It's the modern game, and the longer you have the ball, the longer the opposition are running around expending energy. Which means when you do decide to break forward, you do so effectively and with the oppo already blowing. We did that really effectively yesterday. Shouting 'FORWARD' by some of our fans is a limited view on the modern game.  


21/8/2019 3:25 pm  #3

Re: Tooting 3 Ashford 1

A good performance-I agree the midfield was excellent with Daryl & Dom not putting a foot wrong.We have got off to a good start although Hertford & Ashford had very limited attacking abilities and I do worry about our central defence when we come up against better opposition.I do not think that Sol is up to the standard required and although he may be a good leader but he does not set a good example as a captain by constantly disputing decisions with the officials-this attitude does not work in the team's favour and I think has cost us on quite a few occasions.However,it is all about opinions.I am very pleased with the quality of the squad and look forward to what I think will be a very good season. 


21/8/2019 4:25 pm  #4

Re: Tooting 3 Ashford 1

I think that now Lexus has left, the general opinion is that we need more height at the back.  It seems that we are still not too brilliant at defending corners.  I hope we can get that sorted out before too long.


21/8/2019 8:36 pm  #5

Re: Tooting 3 Ashford 1

Compared to the start of last season I am very pleased that the managers Ashley & Cornelius have a strong squad of players that know their roles and the value they add to the team when called upon.

Passing with a Purpose in mind or Negative Possession?
Tooting and Mitcham United FC do the former, so I am also miffed when I occasionally hear "Get it Forward"
Some Premiership teams could learn a thing or two by watching TMUFC.
I know it does sound as I have been dropped on my head but I watched some Premiership teams last season and this attempting to play a similar system very poorly.

Dynamic! Motivated! Gifted!



22/8/2019 8:46 am  #6

Re: Tooting 3 Ashford 1

Its all very well crying out for the long ball forward, but the whole team have to be on the same wavelength.  Say Hamlin has the ball at his feet, our players will probably be moving TOWARDS him looking for the short ball.  There's no point in him launching it for a lone striker to chase into the corner.  In any case, lumping it up to Danny Bassett is not really playing to his strengths.

I'm sure there may be times this season when we do need to get the ball forward quicker and more directly, but then I want at least two players up front with a couple of midfielders joining in.  But the whole team need to be on the same page or it is simply giving the ball away.

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