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26/8/2019 8:19 pm  #1


To all intent`s and purposes this is the impression I got from today`s "match" It seemed that the only way that Chipstead felt they could compete today was by keeping on intimidating our players, and the officials, in the hope that eventually they would gain an advantage by one of our players ending up being sent off. Well the plan worked as Omari wound up seeing a red card for "kicking out" and I use the term loosely having been fouled, the Chipstead perpetrator received a yellow.
The reason that Chipstead persisted throughout the whole game with their "game" plan was due to the lilly livered refereeing which played into their hands.
Fortunately "Tooting" still came away with three points so perhaps the "Chipstead" management and players may realise that the display they put on today does not win games or support and next time will re-think their strategy when coming up against superior opposition.
As you can gather todays experience left a bitter taste in my mouth as "Chipstead" is a game I always look forward to the fans and the setting can only be described as a pleasurable visit
but that experience today is not what football is all about my sympathies are with their loyal supporter`s being forced to watch that style of thuggery and having to pay for the experience.


27/8/2019 8:39 am  #2


Couldn’t agree more al after the last two games the referring was good shame about Chipstead tactics tested the officials out then started their shoving and bad tackles if anything they were lucky not to have a couple of there players sent off


27/8/2019 10:47 am  #3


Spot on Al. Refereeing was selective to say the least. Shame that the Chips resorted to those tactics though with their No 2 being a prime example.

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

27/8/2019 11:59 am  #4


I've seen a lot worse!  Yes - a few of their blokes were sledging for 90 mins but even if they were a bit rough, I didn't come away from the game thinking I'd just watched the 1966 Argentinians!

As for the ref - I actually liked the fact that he let a few of the minor clashes go!  I prefer the game to flow.  But unfortunately if you do that you risk losing a bit of control and I think Chips took advantage!

But we'll suffer more heavy handed approaches than that later on in the season.

As for our game, I thought the understanding and link ups were missing on Monday.  And although we tried the patient build up a few times I thought we went long too much.  And as we already know, the long ball doesn't really play to the strengths of our front players.


27/8/2019 12:23 pm  #5


Chipstead-little talent but plenty of gamesmanship.It was sad to watch them constantly hassle the officials,contesting almost every decision-plenty of swearing at the referee.Having seen their style of play it is not  such a mystery as to how the Bracknell result happened.It was difficult for the ref.who I was told was in his first season at this level.However I was amazed at how he dealt with the sending off-Hibbert was badly fouled from a tackle on the back of his legs and also as he was sent to the ground.He kicked back and was given a red-our free kick but a yellow for them.Dangerous play-laughable decision. 


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