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02/11/2019 9:40 pm  #1

The Mighty Tooting 2 The Dirty Barking Players 1

Another big league performance from the boys today. We played a Barking side who at times wanted to play football and at other times just wanted to foul our players and take them out the game. We pressed their goal kick very well and set decent traps for their keeper to give the ball away with his poor foot work. I thought our back three played well with Sol winning the physical battle against Mike Dixon who only got one shot off to our worthy “ Man of the Match” James Shaw. James made several great saves and got a bit of luck with one touching the post in the first half. I thought in the first half Zac was a little deep but in the second half he pushed on and was a real threat. I really like him and rate him highly. The position for me which I am finding odd is the right wing back position. George has played really well this season and he doesn’t get even on the pitch, Strange? The guy with the long hair did ok but I thought the guy that played against Whyteleaf played really well and he didn’t play. Odd. With no Coleman our young fella sorry I do not know all their names who replaced him did ok but sometimes needed to play the simple pass more . Dom was his usual out standing self and Danny Bassett really showed us his class finishing. His goal was out standing. The boys that came on did well. The real star for me today was Connor French. Yes he is carrying some timber ( I can talk) But he never stopped running. He won headers and his passing was top draw. He held up the ball and included players every time and was unlucky not to get man of the match. This was his first 90 mins for the season in fact for 5 months so when he gets fit the league needs to watch out. He left us 9 years ago a boy and has returned as a very capable non-league player who will only get better with game time. WELCOME HOME CONNOR!
I must end which we do not really do after a win but the ref was just too old for this level of football. He could not read the subs boards and kept getting the numbers wrong. How the 5 did not get a red after his assault on Dom. He waved play on and we scored but.... he had no regard for Dom who was on the floor in pain and took a age to wave Bruno! on. He did give a red to their right back but waved play on when their keeper fouled Dan Bassett I think when he beat him to the ball. He also missed a clear pen when Connor was fouled at the edge of the box. 
I was also disappointed with their players who was laughing at the injured Dom and their number 2 said it was a good tackle and good that Dom was hurt. What a shower of dog mess that fella is. The most dirty bunch of players since Ware FC last season.
Anyway, after the Rugby World Cup final I was really happy that we won to cheer me up a little.


03/11/2019 7:36 am  #2

Re: The Mighty Tooting 2 The Dirty Barking Players 1

Excellent report Gary. Great result.All getting a bit tight at the top half of the league !


03/11/2019 12:08 pm  #3

Re: The Mighty Tooting 2 The Dirty Barking Players 1

Barking FC TV highlights

A Good and accurate report Gary.
I have noticed our pitch is not looking good, I hope the Chafer Grubs, which attracts the birds and foxes to dig up the pitch looking for a tasty meals have not returned.



03/11/2019 1:14 pm  #4

Re: The Mighty Tooting 2 The Dirty Barking Players 1

Thanks for the report Gary.I had a houseful of kids yestaday so didn’t make it.I have also seen the goals.pleased with 3 points,because Barking have improved a bit over last few weeks.


03/11/2019 2:09 pm  #5

Re: The Mighty Tooting 2 The Dirty Barking Players 1

Thank you gents for your comments and FairweatherFan for your video. I did notice you lift out the two x rated fouls by the Barking Players. I guess we would have to apply for a 18 plus permit to  publish them. For those who didn't go to the game it looked like the fouling was even. But trust me their two would of been red cards on a rugby pitch.

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03/11/2019 4:13 pm  #6

Re: The Mighty Tooting 2 The Dirty Barking Players 1

 "...sorry I do not know all their names...."

​Buy a programme, they're usually in there ! https://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons2/big-grin.png

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

03/11/2019 8:21 pm  #7

Re: The Mighty Tooting 2 The Dirty Barking Players 1

Gary, The video is from the official Barking FC TV Youtube channel. They are not going to show their own players in a bad light. It must have been very bad to edit it out of the highlights, It looked bad enough from from behind the goal.
A good advantage was played by the referee which led to our second goal though.
The Right wing back was Abdelah Sahnoun. "The Hair Bear Bunch" came to mind whae seeing him on Saturday.
What has happened to Ajani Domingo-Carrington, Is he still not fit enough to get into the League matchday squad?


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03/11/2019 10:19 pm  #8

Re: The Mighty Tooting 2 The Dirty Barking Players 1

I am sure their number 5 tried to break Dom's leg, the fact that he was laughing and boasting about it with the number 2 afterwards. Disgusting human beings. I also think the fella who was sent of tried to hurt Hady bad as his foot was nowhere near the ball . He wasn't even looking at the ball. Both happened in front of Ev and myself. If they was my sons I would be ashamed.
I watched AJ play in a cup game with Simmo a  few weeks ago. Understandably he's final ball was a little rusty. I have not seen him since. 
I was surprised that Simmo was not on the bench on Saturday. I see Shamel Edwards scored for Banstead FC last week. I was told he was there on loan to boast his confidence. I rate him and hope he is with the first team asap.
Jay Lovett has left Southside FC and has joined Burgess Hill  FC as manager today. Good luck Jay!


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