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16/11/2019 7:47 pm  #1


I'm not going to dissect the game today, but what was clear to see was that Hanwell Town came with a game plan to press our defence and stop any built up play which worked well in the first half. Also to exploit the space behind the Wing backs.
It's a good reality check for our players that we must take the chances created or just work the goalkeeper more often.
Yes, Hanwell Town did defend very well and managed to see out the game with the usual delaying antics.

An observation, shouting and cursing at the Referee and the assistants from the 5th minute onwards will not make them give us more decisions or make the team play better. Some fans just can't see that!
Looking at the league table, two statistics stand out. Hanwell Town with Tooting & Mitcham United have the best defensive records but at the opposite end in attack TMUFC have scored the lowest amount of goals in the top half of the table and probably the lowest chance to conversion rate.

All this said I do enjoy watching the football we are attempting to play and hopefully it won't be too long before teams will suffer just like Margate did last weekend with clinical finishing our play deserves.

"Cornelius and Ashley's Black and White Army"
"Cornelius and Ashley's Black and White Army"
"Cornelius and Ashley's Black and White Army" ...


17/11/2019 7:03 am  #2


Very much agree with this post Fairweatherfan . My wife and my mate who follows Maidstone United thought that there was much to be positive about the Terrors compared to a few seasons ago and we all enjoyed the match except for my rant about the 4th minute penalty which was on the same par as my verbal release behind the wheel when I mucked up on the road closures getting to the ground !!! Staines and Carshalton here we come !!!


17/11/2019 11:52 am  #3


Thought we played ok, though less smooth than we usually are in attack. The pitch made the game a bit difficult to play on the ground, though that’s no slight on whoever works on our pitch, it’s that time of the season where the weather causes bad conditions.

I thought the pen was a definite pen, granted I was sat in the stands so quite far away. He beat Deano and then deano made a rash challenge. I judge by the lack of complaint by Dean that he was guilty of the foul. Shame to give away a goal so early as that had us on the back foot and meant they could reliably sit in and break. We just couldn’t reliably break them down often enough.

Thought our best player was Zak Coleman. He looks to go from strength to strength and looks powerful and direct in attack.

I thought they defended heroically, and their back four played very well.

Hady should have got his shot away quicker when through on goal.

Unfortunately with only one automatic spot this does give a small advantage to Hanwell, but a long way to go.

We miss Rooney in midfield. Is he injured or unavailable due to hols?

I didn’t really rate Gareth Chendlik when he played for us, but I thought he was very effective against us today. Is a young lad so probably improving.


17/11/2019 11:59 am  #4


I can't complain about the defeat but a draw wouldn't have been undeserved either.
After a first half where we were second best, a big improvement in the second 45 minutes could at least have seen us draw level.  Hanwell looked very organised and goalscoring opportunities were always going to be limited. Having said that, the chances we did get were squandered through lack of confidence and composure. Bassett has been out main goalscoring threat this season and had any of our chances fallen to him it might have been a different story.
Still, not the end of the world, we had to lose eventually and we have one or two games in hand, those games are looking more important, though,  any more lost points could see a bit of a gap appearing between us and the other top teams.


17/11/2019 3:08 pm  #5


We miss Rooney in midfield. Is he injured or unavailable due to hols?

​Cornelius' programme notes tell you that he's out injured and due back next Thursday................ you did buy a programme didn't you ?  https://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons2/confused.png

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

17/11/2019 9:50 pm  #6


It was a pity we had such a poor start to this game & disappointing first half display.Both teams missed a golden opportunity to score again before half time-however look at the difference  after the break-we totally dominated the play and should certainly have got a point.Hanwell could barely raise an attack but once again we are not agressive enough in front of goal.Personally,I think we are missing a trick here and have felt even from last season that Razzaq Coleman is the man to lead the attack in the centre-he is quick & skilful but as importantly extremely strong & very difficult to out muscle.I would like to see this formation given a go!


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