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23/1/2020 2:05 am  #1

Erith Cup defeat

You can see on the T&M Twitter account an Erith FC retweet (whatever that means) that they enjoyed an ‘outstanding 2nd half performance’ in their recovery from a goal down to win tonights game.

Erith currently sit mid table in the Premier Division of the Southern Counties East League and are even higher placed than AFC Croydon! Despite what the bulging waistline of their No 9 might suggest they have two players in the top 15 league goal scorers. So no matter what the few Terrors in attendance watched tonight they must be a very, very good side and fully deserved to win.  Hmm.

Every team at this level will benefit from a healthy mix of age & experience v youth & vitality.
The hope is that the experience covers for the inexperience and the youthful legs cover the lack of pace.
On Saturday that worked well and produced more very fine performances by several of the youngsters.

But..... when you field an older player in the back line that has no pace, struggles to even control the ball and whose ‘distribution’ match after match is limited to lumped clearances high in the air or misplaced passes along the floor it is counter productive, even if they do enjoy ‘much adored former legend’ status with some fans.
And when you compare that to the skills the youngsters exhibit.........
Regrettably, rearrange the words:  boots / the / hang / your / ? / thing / do / decent / up

And then we have the club captain who is not selected for the first XI but still feels it is his responsibility to loudly harangue the referee from the side line!   
What a fine example.

The exciting away performances suggest this season could see the club return to the Premier Division, which is the very lowest a club of this size should be.
Although I’ve seen Westfield several times and they are just one of several free scoring opposing teams at the top (Yes, I watched T&M comfortably despatch a very average Ware).

Some brave, bold decisions are required by the management duo to see this job through.
A look at the league web site shows just how much horse trading other clubs are doing, either in their push for promotion or desperation to avoid relegation (Merstham).
Ditch the deadwood, free some budget and get in what you really need for the last few months.


23/1/2020 10:16 am  #2

Re: Erith Cup defeat

Bondy, is this your posting, or something copied? I have to agree with every word contained in this posting. If by a miracle the Terrors get promotion, they will be taken to the cleaners in Premier division of the Southern or Isthmian leagues. The South Central league is a really dismal standard, and clouds over the performances to reach a higher level. Then again, the Terrors are playing in this league because that’s where they belong.

 Whatever happened to this once great club on and off the field! Promotion will only highlight the teams deficiencies and lack of any planning for a successful future.  Bold decisions not seen that for last 15 years! 


23/1/2020 6:49 pm  #3

Re: Erith Cup defeat

bondy and mike m,could not agree more with your comments.yes we have some very talented young players,but the team as it is now is not good enough to get promotion,and even if we manage to get up we will come straight back down again
i know some of you will say look at saturdays result 6-0 at half time but romania fc where very poor indeed.
i would say that the management duo have done well so far but they need to up the ante and as bondy said
they need to clear some of the dead wood,they need to be bold or this will turn out to be another wasted season.


24/1/2020 8:59 pm  #4

Re: Erith Cup defeat

What relevance is the standard of the squad at the start of next season, no matter what division they will be in?
It is NOW that matters.
And why can’t they gain promotion Dan?  It’s certainly not going to be easy but they seem concentrated and committed against the better teams who are all capable of dropping points.

Having the coaching duo jointly responsible for both the 1st team and youth appears to have been a great success from the quality and quantity of youngsters who have been promoted and look comfortable and ambitious at the higher level.
And they identified the lack of muscle up front and acted in signing French who may not score lots of goals but holds the ball up magnificently and gives his opponents a torrid time in every game.

That is the decisiveness needed before the option to strengthen (and trim) closes.

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24/1/2020 10:39 pm  #5

Re: Erith Cup defeat

Hi! Bondy, I hope your posting is an indication of your return to "Imperial Fields". I can assure you your presence has been missed. The team needs all our support, especially at this time of the season.
I think that what "Danny" is referring to is the lack of consistency with the team. Very poor one game against what is usually a good chance of three points, then magnificent against top opposition when you expect a tough game.
It is fine turning up for the tough games but to win promotion, as we all know, requires more than that.
Lets hope that now , starting tomorrow, we can go on a run to ensure promotion as the playoff's are a bit of a lottery.
One of our problems stems from not finishing the chances created, a malaise we have suffered from in the past, yet due to a managerial fallout we let our second highest goal scorer leave. Hardly a good way to help promotion especially with goals being at a premium.
Hope to see you tomorrow "Bondy" and I might buy you a bag of chips.


25/1/2020 1:18 pm  #6

Re: Erith Cup defeat

Agree on all the post,I think we lack a poacher the likes of vines-Dunn and summers,see we have signed a new player a midfielder.why?


25/1/2020 10:25 pm  #7

Re: Erith Cup defeat

I read the reports all the time that we have most of the play but can't put the ball in the net and as donnyc says we are getting in midfielders, in fact I think it's worse than that, we are getting in defenders.  Please explain the logic.  Are we assuming Hady won't be leaving?


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