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25/1/2020 9:34 pm  #1

A woeful match

What can you say about this game? No disrespect to Staines but they are the worse team I have seen this season, where does that leave the Terrors! Hey they were just as woeful and Staines who could have sneaked the points at the end. The Terrors should have had a cricket score, but the wasted opportunities equalled a cricket score. Very embarrassing to see the countless opportunities and shots missed, and a few great moments from the Staines goalkeeper.  

Could write loads more but what a waste of time. Bit like the game today. Although in the end enjoyed a god laugh watching the misfortunes of the Terrors attempts on goal.  The premier division must be quaking in their boots!


25/1/2020 10:29 pm  #2

Re: A woeful match

I feel you are not giving todays result the fair perspective it deserves "Mike".
The "Staines" keeper had more than a "few great moments". Had it not been for him the "Terrors" would have won comfortably, for me, and many people around me, he was the man of the match making at least five very good saves so keeping his team in the game.
The "Staines" team are a shadow of the team who beat us so convincingly  on two occasions last season, that much is true, but it was only the keeper who kept them in the game. As for "the worst team" we have played, my opinion is that FC Romania must have that honour.
Must agree that "Tooting" were not at their best but considering that three, very influentual first team players were missing, prior to the kick off I was quite concerned at the line up.
Agreed that "Staines" did create a few chances, as you would expect, which on the whole were dealt with quite comfortably.

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27/1/2020 9:34 pm  #3

Re: A woeful match

What could you say about this game?
Well you could certainly say that, without the injured Connor French and Daryl Coleman and the ‘unavailable’ Hady Ghandour the side looked lightweight up front at the start and took a while to settle.
But with your glass filled to the brim you could acknowledge the selected side pressed their opponents all match and their far greater mobility and creative movement of the ball created probably three hatfuls of chances that, yes, could/should have been taken. (And had they fallen to ‘strikers’ would have been).

A measure of the pressure exerted is that by the end every one of their back line had been booked, along with several of their other players, as they struggled to cope with the Terrors pace and movement.

I agree with Alan that FC Romania were a far, far poorer side.

In my previous post I heaped praise on the league leaders Westfield. And how did they get on?
They lost at home to Barking and even failed to score.
So lots of ups and downs left to come in this division before anybody needs to fret about the heady heights of the Premier Division.


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