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01/2/2020 11:18 pm  #1


Congratulations Connor! as far as i was concerned, he was my man of the match. This has to be the best game he has played so far wearing the "Terrors" stripes. Apart from the start of the first half when he was caught off side five times in concession ( probably due to enthusiasm due to his recent lay off with injury) he led the line as you require at this level, battling with his central defenders and not giving an inch, until at the final whistle I bet they were thinking at least we will not be meeting him. or them again.
What a contrast from last week at "Staines" when we were toothless up front and the forwards wasted chance after chance and they met a goalkeeper at the top of his game, fortunately the same could not be said of the present encumbent who was fortunate we only scored three.


02/2/2020 4:58 am  #2


Yes Alanj, Connor deserves your posting but I would add that in my opinion the whole team contributed whole heartedly in yesterday’s game, solid defence and goal keeping, midfield determination,  strikers and Danny B’S brace  and of course the “bogenders “ choir  making Waltham Abbeys keeper ‘s confidence on edge !!!! Also positive passion from our joint managers after a nasty looking foul in the second half. May the goal fest continue !!!


02/2/2020 8:50 am  #3


Could not agree more "Steptoe" all in all a very good day at the office!
I just felt Connor deserved a special mention because I know he might not be every-ones favourite.

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02/2/2020 11:59 am  #4


Yes Connor showed some good hold up play as he did at home at the recent Uxbridge game, just a tad unlucky perhaps in confidence when in the penalty box but am sure this will improve. More goal feasts please !!!!


02/2/2020 12:41 pm  #5


Yes I agree good game considering the wind,my only minus to the game is why does Connor have to crowd the keeper when we have a corner he gets shoved around ,he would be better suited to just back of a bit and when the ball is played then go for it


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