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04/6/2020 11:46 am  #1


SLiBaW Volume One
There’s a lot of positive news emanating from Imperial Fields.
New money, a new pitch, a new badge. Not to be outdone, there’s some news from SLiBaW Towers. Well, not really news. It’s just what we’re doing.

We are publishing our first ever hard copy of SLiBaW articles. “Volume One”.
It’s quite exciting. They’re some of our favourite pieces from the season just gone, the season that wasn’t. Featuring articles from SLiBaW’s own team, plus contributions from Tim, Scotty, James T, Poddington to name a few and- we’re very grateful to say- some photos from the amazing Sam Conquest.

South London is Black and White “Volume One” will be available to purchase for £5, the price of a couple of programmes, for 48 pages of solid gold SLiBaW content. If you think you’d have bought a couple of programmes over the course of the remaining games, buy a copy. If you don’t, buy a copy anyway.

Here’s why;
Every single penny from the sales of Volume One will go back into the club. Every penny. The SLiBaW team have paid for the printing, done the layout, planning etc. There are no costs to recoup. Our idea, once we have sold 50 copies, is to pool this money with a generous donation from Phil Nightingale and purchase a “Friends” level sponsorship package from the club. This package, most importantly, puts a good few quid into the club’s coffers. For SLiBaW, the bonus is the inclusion of two season tickets. Each member of SLiBaW has their own season ticket already. So we will have two extra tickets, in SLiBaW’s name, for every home league game of the season…
BOG (End).

Over the course of the season, SLiBaW will reach out over social media and invite people who’ve never come to Imperial Fields to come to a match on us. To be our guest. We’ll have two tickets per home league game to offer. We’ll reach out to non-league fans across London and beyond. Bloggers, vloggers, ground-hoppers. “Come see the game, maybe you’ll like it. Maybe you’ll write about it, put it on your twitter/blog/Instagram/facebook that you went to Imperial Fields with some supporters and had a good time.” We’d also look to reach out to people who’ve wanted to come but not had the money to spare, or didn’t fancy going alone, or for any other reason hadn’t made it along. In essence, we’d be trying to engage as many people as possible about TMUFC, trying to get them to the match, and telling it was on us. In the hope, of course, that they’d come back again in the future. Reaching out.

So, that’s what we’re doing. We’d really appreciate your help in doing it. Buy a copy of Volume One. It’s been written by your mates. It’ll look good on your table, or next to your toilet. It costs a fiver. And all the money will go back to the club, and hopefully get more people on the terraces.

If you would like to reserve a copy, please email southlondonisblackandwhite@gmail.com with your address and preferred method of payment (cash or transfer) and delivery (we can mail or deliver ourselves, in most cases).
So there we are. Exciting times.

Up the Stripes.

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

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