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25/6/2020 11:58 am  #1


See here : https://www.tmunited.org/shop

New range of club playing and leisure kit is now available including the all new Fuzzy Stripe home shirt, the new reprised Lavender away kit and some very snazzy polo shirts.


I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

25/6/2020 4:26 pm  #2


Hello DeePee,
Thanks for posting new kit collection to view via the forum.  Really pleased to see the team will be playing in the original stripes kit, which has always been unique, even if the time they seem out of focus.  There has been unbelievable combination of strips over the years, and couple of years ago thy were playing in the original strip, bur that soon disappeared. let’s hope they stay for a lot longer this time!
The polo shirts look good but what is the quality like?  If they are single knit, they don’t last long, losing shape, shrinking and after a short while are ready for the bin, and a waste of money.


26/6/2020 12:00 pm  #3


I wouldn't know about the quality Mike, I would hope they would be better than your description.
I have a couple of the recent ones and they've been fine.
She who does the washing reckoned they wash up a treat and they've definitely not stretched or shrunk or lost their shape at all. If the new ones are as good as those they'll be worth what I consider to be a high price for the Polo's.
Nice designs too.

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !
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26/6/2020 12:57 pm  #4


Hi DeePee
Thanks for your words  of encouragement and knowledge, they certainly would be a high price for a polo shirt, if they were sub standard. 


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