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01/3/2021 7:40 pm  #1

The Bog End misses out on a fortune?

York City now playing National League North, have moved to their new and magnificent 8000 capacity community stadium, after 88 years at their famous Bootham Crescent. The club has put everything up for sale at the old ground, and an auction finished today. Among the items up for sale were the toilets in the main stand, a fancy brick work affair with stainless steel urinals. Bidding started at £40, but I am not aware how much they went for.

For those who were fortunate to use the Terrors famous rare and never to be forgotten Bog End urinals, the club missed out on a fortune not putting this unique facility up for sale. The concrete and corrugated construction was actually a great addition to the ground when first built. Situated the far end of ground amongst the weeds and shrubbery this was a great CONVENIENCE for the fans when kicking towards this end. Over the years, like the rest of the ground, it was left to decay, the vegetation had taken over the infamous “Bog End” toilets, the drainage became blocked, the stench was unbelievable, but they were still being used. Tucked away behind the terracing many a fan made their way down the embankment and back again, and were relieved in more ways than one.

The club has missed out on a fortune, as there will never be another facility quite like this at an established football ground. Imagine the queues waiting to put a bid in for this piece of history, even the Antiques Road show would not be able to put a price on this “One and Only” item. Maybe the council should have made a preservation order and made it a listed grade 1 building. Now some poor soul lives in a house built on top of this historic plot of land

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