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30/5/2021 10:29 am  #26

Re: London Senior Cup

Please note that if you pay on the gate you need a pay on the gate ticket which you have to order via the booking site.
Alanj if you read this can you let me have your new contact details - cheers Doug


30/5/2021 6:26 pm  #27

Re: London Senior Cup

From London FA;
Online ticket sales are now sold out. That leaves around 300 more people allowed to purchase tickets before we hit the Covid Capacity Limit. Anyone else must now either acquire a Pay on the Gate ticket on the below link or must email me to be put on the Pay on the Gate list. Feel free to announce this on Twitter and feel free to put my email address on there for people to contact me on. Jamaal.Horne@LondonFA.com


30/5/2021 9:55 pm  #28

Re: London Senior Cup

I have tried so hard to make it work tomorrow but it is just too far a distance and not really near any tube station or M25. Its just too soon after Mrs W's opp to attend the game. Also my dogs would have to go too long without going out . I do think the London FA wanted their beloved Hanwell to go through. What other reasons would you make 2 South London Clubs travel to North London at a Location very near to the league 2 play off finals?? Anyway I am always moaning.
I hope everyone has a safe journey and enjoys the day. Fingers cross we can bring the London Cup home .

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31/5/2021 7:26 am  #29

Re: London Senior Cup

Could not agree more Garry, I am surprised they did not make it more difficult! for the south London teams, if that is possible.
I hope everything went well for the good lady.


01/6/2021 1:43 pm  #30

Re: London Senior Cup

I suppose everyone knows we won it by now!  But what a weekend.  The semi final was a battle.  We had to dig deep, and maybe ride our luck a bit.  But the 10 men kept going till the end and got their reward.  The lads looked worn out after the game.

Onto the final and in Wimbledon a different proposition.  Young - yes - but generally pretty quick.  I thought we would out muscle them but I thought they were surprisingly tough in the 1 on 1 tackle situation.  Very hot though and I thought we managed the game well.  It was very even throughout but despite the heat I thought we looked the stronger as the game wore on.  And if you get to see the 1st goal on video you have to admire the big press - but more than that you have to remember it was 70mins gone in 25 degree heat.

So 2 very different games but we showed that we can mix it up, play fast or slow, possession football or direct ball - and play for 120 mins.

Obviously good signs if we can keep the team together.  And with players like Noah Kelo playing a big part in the run to the final, we possibly have a bit of strength in depth as well.


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