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06/8/2021 1:31 pm  #1

One minute silence for Martin Hazelwood

Forgive me if this has already happened.  Tomorrow's game is my first of the season.
Have we given a minutes silence or applause for Martin Hazelwood? If not can we do one before Tomorrow's game?


08/8/2021 1:33 pm  #2

Re: One minute silence for Martin Hazelwood

Has there already been a minutes silence for Martin?

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09/8/2021 1:24 pm  #3

Re: One minute silence for Martin Hazelwood

We haven't done anything yet, we are waiting until after the holiday period. We will be celebrating the contribution to the club of Martin Hazlewood and John Cooper both of whom were directors of the Members Club, the fans section of the club's ownership. We will be inviting family members to be our guests for a match on a Saturday when we will remember both men before the game.


09/8/2021 2:21 pm  #4

Re: One minute silence for Martin Hazelwood

That sounds like a good idea . That's a great gesture to invite their families.  Would you mind letting us know on here what game you have chosen?
I was hearing more stories about Martin in the 60's. Apparently he used to wear a scarf with Tooting and Mitcham badges on.
Thanks Chris for the update.   

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