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19/9/2021 7:52 am  #1

What Might Have Been.

I got to wondering this morning, over what might have been, had the Joe Sealey consortium managed to take over the club a decade ago. Sealey seems to have made a success of his sports management business, but sold up and is now out of football.

Would it have been the usual big investment at the start, rapid rise up the league, then crash and burn when the going got tough ? Who knows. Undoubtedly short term exitement for fans,but the risk of not having a club to support at the end of it.  Or the slower, sensible approach, reasonable investment in the team, steady improvement  which would see the club rise up the league to a decent, sustainable level which would see increased revenue and a larger, solid fanbase.

The present ownership and his puppet management team seem so entrenched in the club at the moment, that fans can't see anything changing for the foreseeable future. Zero investment in the first team and instead concentrating on the youth setup does nothing to progress the club and instead diminishes the clubs once great standing in non league football.

Personally I don't like either model. I, like most Terrors fans I know, would be quite happy with moderate success, with playing and strongly competing in the Isthmian Premier the very minimum requirement. This, surely cannot be out of the question given our ground and resources. Sadly, with an owner who has little interest in football, even this is a distant hope for Tooting fans.



19/9/2021 8:48 am  #2

Re: What Might Have Been.

Can't agree more Andy.  With the addition of a couple of experienced premier division players, and hanging on to Kevin McLaren, we most probably would have hung in there in the Premier division and, as you prefer, gradually build the team to challenge for promotion.  Sadly though, that was not in the owners plan.

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19/9/2021 11:42 am  #3

Re: What Might Have Been.

agree with all you say andy. people keep telling me that adkins is a business man if he is then he is a lazy
one a good business man once he had everything in place as far as stadium and other incomes on stream 
are concerned he should then be looking to push on.
yes he would probably have to take some risks along the way but that is what sets aside a good business man from a lazy git that just wants to sit back and hope the money keeps rolling in.

our club is almost quite unique certainly in the tinpot division we are in in the fact that we have facilities the envy of most clubs,but it could all be so much better if only our owner had just a little bit more interest in the club on the back of which he has made a lot of his money.

so come on mr adkins get rid of the management you have bring in somebody with a proven track record in non league football and take a chance if not you should sell up and move on and give someone a chance who has ambition to take this club to somewhere better than where it is now.

who knows how it would have gone if joe sealeys consortium had suceeded in their takeover perhaps we should have taken the chance all i know is with this owner there is only one way we are going.


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