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23/10/2021 5:29 pm  #1

The Road to No Where

I left home to go to Uxbridge today, and a couple of hundred yards up the road, I turned around and thought what the hell am I doing. The first time I ever I have done this in my life following Tooting, my hunch was right. On the way home I started singing a talking Heads tune, and went something like this.
Well, we know where we're goin'
But we don't know where we've been
And we know what we're knowin'
But we can't say what we've seen
And we're not little children
And we know what we want
And the future is certain
Give us time to work it out
We're on a road to nowhere
Come on inside
Takin' that ride to nowhere
We'll take that ride
How can a team 2-0 up not have the savvy to close the game down, and on top of that a player gets sent off and Uxbridge win!. Just about sums everything up. Just checked the Combined Counties league premier southern section, God we would really struggle in this competition as well.
I feel really gutted for the fans who made this pointless trip. I hope anyone has not splashed to  go to Guernsey!


23/10/2021 11:10 pm  #2

Re: The Road to No Where

I can fully understand your post and agree, but seems you have been enjoying your birthday,. I hope you had a great day, Just to say it's not a team anymore just a name registered with the FA.

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24/10/2021 3:11 am  #3

Re: The Road to No Where

hi mike yes i had been enjoying my birthday just a little too much thats why ive deleted the post but i still feel the same about what used to be my team.


24/10/2021 10:20 am  #4

Re: The Road to No Where

Hi Dan, Players come and go, Managers and coaches come and go, but true life long club fans are the only real continuity of existence. Unfortunately, our one and only owner of Imperial Fields is still around, with his shady agendas and manipulation of our once great club has brought it to its knees.  

A few years back, when most fans were oblivious to  what was happening, I wrote on the forum,  the Team should be closed down, and we should be left with happy memories, and put everyone out of their misery.

The future of the team is at a vital crossroads, with no real budget to  work with, a team and management that needs a complete overall, this will not happen. And any potential manager with a brain in his head, and not his feet would steer clear of this fiasco, like many others have done.


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24/10/2021 11:53 am  #5

Re: The Road to No Where

Most football club owners at any level would be concerned about their clubs fortunes on the pitch, most managers would be angry about performance on the pitch and be having sleepless nights wondering how to rectify the situation. At our club neither seems to be the case, all they're bothered about is the youth set up.

I don't know how common this scenario is. Managers at the higher levels of the game are well known for ignoring the young players at their clubs, preferring instead to use tried and trusted players that get instant results. Not with us, young players get put in the team, whether they are good enough or not, one or two ageing hasbeens who are prepared to play for virtually nothing, make up the rest of the side. You get the feeling that the 1st Team is seen as an irritating necessity that has to be endured rather than being the main focus of the football club.

No doubt the owner must take most of the blame, he has the resources to improve the team, but chooses not to. But the management team are more than happy to go along with the owners view of how the club should be run. Bringing through young players is their interest, so let them do that, but at 1st team level they look completely out of their depth.

Unfortunately I cannot see any chance of anything changing, if the puppet management team continue being compliant to the owners wishes, their jobs are safe. Adkins is not going anywhere unless a middle eastern country fancies a go at it. All doom and gloom I'm afraid, and no light at the end of a very long tunnel.



24/10/2021 1:49 pm  #6

Re: The Road to No Where

I still hope that the team, somehow, does well.  But I can't see it happening on a sustainable basis:  promotion, consolidation, promotion.  That cannot be done without further investment in the team at each higher level.  As we saw on our last humiliating visit to the Premier Division that is not even in the scheme of things.


24/10/2021 2:10 pm  #7

Re: The Road to No Where

yes andy spot on as usual and when you think that our next few games are mostly away and against teams in the top half of the table and guernsey have only played 3 games and are only 1 point behind us.

Doesant make for good reading yes doom and gloom but how else can you view it.


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