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23/12/2021 12:51 pm  #1

What is going wrong with our football club

Hi people I have been supporting tmufc for over 20 years now and I  can't remember a more hopeless first half of the season than this first of all we decide to play to many friendless at the beginning then the management can't put out a strong enough team for the first 2months I honestly don't know why the management don't know what to do when they were in charge the previous season and seemed to be having some clue as to how to manage a football club for example the game away at Uxbridge 2 nil up at half time then I goes completely wrong in the second half there are far too many changes happening around our club right now their is a total lack of organisation especially with the management I beg Mr atkins to do the best thing and end this disaster now and get shot of Ashley and cornices  it would be a great Christmas present to all


23/12/2021 1:20 pm  #2

Re: What is going wrong with our football club

Don't be too harsh with the Chuckle Brothers.  Remember that Frank had a terrible first season up to March when everything began to fall into place.  The following season was magic.

You need to look to the top to trace the reason why the first team is currently so hapless.


23/12/2021 1:50 pm  #3

Re: What is going wrong with our football club

Hi Simon what you need to realise when you ask the question what is going wrong with our club is yes the management duo do not have much of a clue but the real villains of the piece here is firstly the owner and the agents attached to the club our club is now used as a shop window for young talent and that is obvious to see just look at the amount of players that have gone through the first team almost 50 players.

You will ask why is this well quite simply this owner has no interest in how the first team do his agenda is his
so called club of progression just basically a revolving door to hopefully make more money for the owner.
Simon please realise this owner has zero and i do mean zero interest in our club progressing and  
unfortunely nothing will change until such times as mr adkins sells up and moves on but i dont see any prospect of that happening any time soon.


18/1/2022 10:17 pm  #4

Re: What is going wrong with our football club

Just when you think it can’t get any worse it does! The loss in the meaningless Surrey Cup to Balham who are 13 the Combined Counties league, just about sums it all up. I am really glad I did not make the long journey to Imperial Fields today, and I feel sorry for the other 90 souls at the ground, except of course for the Balham supporters. 4 games into the new year without a win at least we now know we’ll struggle in the Combined league as well. So much for the Sandy Lane legacy!

It really hurts to see the once great club now falling into disgrace and are completely up the creek without a paddle! Players not even up to Combined Counties League standard, including the management, plus no apparent solution to the dire situation. The team is gradually dying on its feet, you can’t blame the players or the management / coaching team they are like lost sheep and are out of their depth.

20 years plus at new stadium which has been completed wasted, who wants to keep writing negative posts, when there is nothing really else to write about. What a shambles and a pathetic situation to be in.



Yesterday 5:37 am  #5

Re: What is going wrong with our football club

Can't really add to that.

Is there anyone from the Members Club out there who can explain the first team  masterplan to the rest of us plebs?


Yesterday 2:19 pm  #6

Re: What is going wrong with our football club

I second your post ev yes could someone from the members club post on here and maybe explain what the hell is happening to this club or is steve adkins just trying to run the club into the ground.

Now knocked out of almost everything by a team laying 13th in the combined counties what a joke.
Im a member of the members cluband think the least somebody could do is come on here and at least offer
some sort of explanation for the appaling way this football club is now being run or do you not care


Yesterday 4:34 pm  #7

Re: What is going wrong with our football club

Well, I'm still currently a 'Director' of the 'Members Club' but I have no information regarding policy etc.
Our basic remit as I understand it is to help to provide matchday support and funding towards first team activities.
First Team policy, match decisions and so on are taken by those in more powerful positions that we are.

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

Yesterday 6:38 pm  #8

Re: What is going wrong with our football club

Dave thanks for at least coming on and giving us an idea of where the members club stand so is there anyone connected with the club who is possibly prepared to tell us ordinary supporters what is going on with our club we never have had much information its like its all top secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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