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02/1/2022 12:32 pm  #1

Chairman's Statement Q & A

As you all know, there were some major announcements made by the Club in the lead up to Christmas and I know that many of you would like to have more detail on some of these issues. The planning application and the proposed ground share with Kingstonian are just two decisions taken that are likely to have major impacts on the 1st Team and wider club as we move forward in the coming seasons.  As you may have seen from the announcement from Steve Adkins, I have been asked, as a relative neutral, if I would be prepared to coordinate a Q & A to answer the questions that we have about the future direction of the club.  Questions will be directed to the appropriate person – Chairman, Members Club, Team Management, etc. The only stipulation is that we should put our names to any question that goes forward.
Can I ask you to post your questions to the 100 Club email address TMUFC100@gmail.com by 10th January and the Club will then answer these questions as quickly as possible after that date.
If we get repetitive questions these will be grouped together to save answering multiple questions with the same response.


Graham Newsom 

Chairman's Statement 2022 - copied from TMUFC Website

I am conscious that as we go into the New Year there have been two major decisions made by the Management that we would like to share with our fans.  First of all, we formally achieved planning consent, enabling building on the south side front corner of the site.  In terms of any surplus funds we have given a legal commitment to invest them entirely into two further buildings which form part of our MasterPlan: the new entrance block/sports hall and the new changing/education block next to the rear all weather pitch.  The benefit derived from this will confirm the Organisation’s long-term viability and ensure that Imperial Fields is sustainable for generations to come.  The scheme was fully interrogated and accepted not only by Merton but also the GLA (Greater London Authority) and Sport England.  It also allows us to build further on our community plan.  Our third sector delivery was recognised and highly commended during our planning application and strongly contributed to our case for the new building.​As announced earlier last week we have agreed a ground share with Kingstonian FC.  This followed lengthy discussions to ensure it benefited TMUFC in the best possible way not just financially. It serves to underline that our Stadium meets the requirements of the Conference League which is where we all want TMUFC to be.  It is a goal individually shared with Kingstonian and I am sure we will each be working hard to get our Clubs into the best possible shape to achieve this.​Of course, Tooting Bec FC have shared with us over the last few years and both ourselves and Kingstonian want to ensure that they have a pitch for their matches.  Since coming to Imperial Fields they have expanded, and their requirements are greater.  With that in mind in terms of preserving our main pitch for our 1st team matches, we have offered them the rear all weather pitch and will work with them to achieve a Step 5 grading if it is possible and we are already in discussions with them.​I am already speaking to Ashley and Cornelius about next season, and we want to start it with strong intent.  Now the planning has been achieved I want to be sure that the Club is in the best possible shape for its future.  All I have been working on will ensure this the case.​I understand that Graham Newsom has kindly agreed to help facilitate a dialogue with our fans to answer queries relating to the above and to offer a deeper understanding.​Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who has stepped up to help the Club through the pandemic and difficulties we have faced.  We lost two years of proper income which would have destroyed many clubs but we found our way through with our volunteers stepping up, many of whom helped with the food bank based at ours and ensured the stadium was kept intact.  To come through and be able to welcome back our fans and users was a tribute to us as a Club and our ability to survive.  If we all continue to pull together in this way, we have a great future ahead 


02/1/2022 8:17 pm  #2

Re: Chairman's Statement Q & A

What a load of cobblers, he must think we are a bunch of  morons  after what his done to  the Football team. The many football club's he quotes have all survived the same issues, and indeed came out other side in good shape.  I won't comment on the development plans as I could go into pages. 

And who is Graham Newsome another one of Adkins useful Idiots! Why can 't  Adkins post the message himself on the forum?


02/1/2022 8:48 pm  #3

Re: Chairman's Statement Q & A

Heard it all before.  The same old same old.  By the way: according to the Chairman's previous pronouncements in seasons past, we should be playing conference football now.  Utter tosh.


02/1/2022 9:45 pm  #4

Re: Chairman's Statement Q & A

Well thank you Mike for your kind comments.

I'm sure you have many questions - I await with baited breath. Just enlighten me via the email address and I'll happily prove that I can be a useful idiot.

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03/1/2022 8:35 am  #5

Re: Chairman's Statement Q & A

59er i think mikes comments are a little unkind and i know you do good work for the club but you cant blme anybody for feeling that this is more of the usual adkins nonsense those of us who have been here a long time and consequently have long memories just have the attitude ( we will believe it when we see it )
when it comes to any statements made by our owner most of us with those long memories dont usually believe a word of what comes out of his mouth.


03/1/2022 11:50 am  #6

Re: Chairman's Statement Q & A

Daniel - thanks.

I too have a long memory and like many of the older supporters who were around to watch matches as far back as the 50s and 60s I'm rightly proud of the club's history. But history is exactly that - great to look back on but there's little future in it.

If you are at the match today look around the ground. There are more young faces. Young adults in their 20s and 30s as well as younger kids. That's where the clubs future lies. It's with some of those younger guys promoting the club on Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms to try and get a few more punters through the turnstiles. Once there it should be for every supporter to make them feel welcome so that they come back again and tell their mates about it.

Don't think that there's anyone at the club who isn't totally frustrated by our performances so far this season. And don't believe that this frustration isn't equally shared by the management and players.

That's why the new groundsharing arrangements and improved facilities that will be put in place following the planning approval will make Imperial Fields a better place and will attract more new faces through the facility and hopefully through the turnstiles. Like it or not the facility is a business not a charity to throw money at attracting ageing players to get us up a Division. The big trick is to keep some of the young talent long enough to do it for us. With ex players now playing in the Premier League and all Divisions of the EFL - not to mention the National League, the club has forged a reputation that (like the history) we should be proud of.

Supporters support. Buying a programme, 50/50 ticket Golden Goal ticket all helps in a small way. As does the work of a growing number of volunteers who do the jobs. Operating turnstiles, selling programmes, reporting to Football Web Pages, work on the ground midweek - I could go on.

I have no interest in being a Director or part of the Members Club - I'm too old and grumpy. But I support those individuals that do - as it is a pretty souless job when things don't go according to plan.

In the same way, I don't buy into the rather toxic accusations aimed at the Chairman. I'm afraid some of the things written on this Forum over the years have been pretty libelous.

So, in summary, I'll carry on being a supporter and will try to do a little bit to help the club. This will be my last post on the Forum - I was once very supportive of its existence and South London humour, But I'm afraid I shall look elsewhere for that now.

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03/1/2022 5:38 pm  #7

Re: Chairman's Statement Q & A

sorry to here that this will be your last post i must say it was a powerful one and much appreciated lots of what you said i would agree with,
The frusration old long term supporters like myself feel is that things will never get better because i just dont dont believe our owner will ever support us to move on upwards i honestly believe he is only in it for what he can get out of it perhaps i will be proved wrong.I hope so.


05/1/2022 9:58 am  #8

Re: Chairman's Statement Q & A

Bring back or take us back to “Sandy Lane”!  I am sure for many the “good old days of football and perhaps life in general”!


09/1/2022 12:17 pm  #9

Re: Chairman's Statement Q & A

Ever since Adkins name has been mentioned at the Football club he’s managed to divide and conquer at all levels. From, supporters, players, staff volunteers, membership club, and even paid employees. Which are eventually tipped in the rubbish dump when they are no longer useful. The club as lost many good individuals over the last 20 years. I nearly fell over laughing when Graham Newsom was described as a neutral, check back on old postings, he always defends Adkins no matter what the circumstances are! Free speech is important so It’s his prerogative to post what he likes. He now states he will not post anymore; I understand this is the second time he has made this statement.  

The Football Team has always been a convenient vehicle for the owner’s ambitions from funding to gaining thumbs up from various government institutions. The community project now dwarfs the Football team so their usefulness has expired. Tooting Sports and Leisure Ltd have failed 100% to ensure the Football team has not progressed, whereas teams with no obvious income of playing in fenced of fields in the middle of nowhere produce outstanding performances. Focus on Youth and the Academy has not benefited the Football team at all, but it keeps the government funds rolling in, and dual management rolls offsetting any costs. The team are jammed between 2 football league clubs who were once great rivals, and have their own community set ups, and have developed beyond belief while Tooting as a team have almost gone out of existence.

As I have always stated the volunteers who keep the team going on match days are invaluable to the survival of the Football team, without them the team would be dead. They run around a hell of a lot for what reward on the football field.  

As for ground sharing with Kingstonians, this is a complete mockery. The K’s at this time do not have any planning permission for a ground back in the borough of Kingston and a minimum it will be 5 years before they can return to Kingston. As for the ground being up to conference south level, this has always been the case, some of the teams in the 3 conference leagues have appalling facilities, but they survive. Since the move to Imperial Fields The facility has been shared by Crystal Palace, Chelsea, Fulham, Dulwich Hamlet, Tooting Bec, and now bizarrely with Wimbledon on youth football! I hope by May, Tooting Bec can get the ground grading for level 5 on the back pitch?

Over the last 20 plus years there has always a sob story attached to any element of announcements, plans etc, the last paragraph about the facility going under is a joke. How many non- league clubs have disappeared over the last 2 years? None. Do you think an owned multi-Million-pound facility would disappear from his portfolio?

Prepared questions to the owner will be batted away harder and further than the Aussie batters hit the ball.  Don’t waste your time as proved over the years.

I quote from a well Known, highly respected and very likeable fan the following: - “The club will not invest in any senior players, and the place is like North Korea where nobody knows what’s going on!”


09/1/2022 12:41 pm  #10

Re: Chairman's Statement Q & A

Which, Mike, is why I no longer, after only missing seven home league games from 2004 to 2019, go to home games anymore.  For me, paying to support the team equals supporting the way that it is run.

I eagerly await someone to post in support of chairman, but as lots of members boycotted this site because of the revelations about the way that the club is run that Gary put out, I am not holding my breath.


09/1/2022 3:15 pm  #11

Re: Chairman's Statement Q & A

YES absolutely ev just why has nobody posted on this forum in support of the chairman forget any so called boycott lets hear from anyone and i do mean anyone to back up what steve adkins is doing to the club i have supported for over 70 years unless of course you are all happy with the way things are going.


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