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09/1/2022 11:53 am  #1

v Bedfont.

Well that is one game that will live long in the memory, for all the wrong reasons. After cruising into a 3 nil lead, if we could have got to half time without conceding it might have been a different game. Their opening goal just before the break was arguably the most important goal of the game. It gave them hope and it put doubt in the minds of the Tooting players. Their second goal early in the 2nd half raised Bedfonts confidence even more and they looked likely to score every time they came forward. Their left winger in particular, gave us many problems and our managers had no answer to keep him quiet. Maybe Hamlin on at right back might have had the know how to slow him down, but he stayed on the bench. Even our 4th goal direct from a corner didn't calm the nerves, we all knew we were not going to win the game. The inevitable Bedfont goals came easily to them. Game management doesn't seem to exist in our managers minds, no direction from them and no attempt to bolster our defence to get some sort of result from the game. I have to say that Bedfonts winner, from the halfway line, was magnificent, a fitting goal to win the game for them, and they deserved it.
Where does that leave us? We seem to be in a pretty unique position, where the management seem to be untouchable, despite results and performances that would have seen them sacked at most other clubs. Even relegation wouldn't bother Adkins as long as his business model is being followed by the management. I said yesterday that I wouldn't mind going down if there was the slightest chance of Adkins getting rid of these clowns and changing his attitude towards the first team. There was great away support for the team yesterday, we deserve better.


09/1/2022 12:07 pm  #2

Re: v Bedfont.

Thanks for the match report Andy, even if it does make very sad reading.  3 nil up and the managers could not kill the game off.  I do not doubt their skills in bringing on young players, but they are not qualified for first team football.  Having said that I hope that they now go on to prove me wrong.


12/1/2022 12:08 pm  #3

Re: v Bedfont.

Tooting have always been well supported away by the long serving dedicated fans come rain or shine and even  the shambles that surrounds this team. Most away games at this level have always drawn larger crowds due to the Tooting away support, with always a minimum of 40/50 following fans. Like me, these fans have supported the Black and Whites over the decades, and will always will, despite the complete shambles and lack of ambition  that surrounds the whole team for the last 20 or so years.


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