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18/4/2022 5:46 pm  #1

Stefan a satisfied customer

Tooting played well today, despite a poor Staines side.  My personal vote for playerof the match went to Shamel Edwards who was full of running and tricky creating numerous opportunities for his team. If only he could produce performanceslike he did today and remain consistent for the full 90 minutes!Well done Anuar Ceesay who again ran and chased hard throughout the game.Admittedly, I felt sorry for Staines today, but let’s not forget how we playedthis season and if it wasn’t for a change in rules, we would be fighting to keepup!  Finally, well done the rest of the team. It was a better performance butimprovements do need to be made to have worthy team next season. 


18/4/2022 6:57 pm  #2

Re: Stefan a satisfied customer

Enjoyed the game today - shame the Hamlin screamer didn't go in as that would have been the icing on the cake. For no Jordan and Billy I thought we played pretty good and had the most chances we've had in an age - was also great to see Enoch score. Staines were pretty poor but fair play to them for keeping going today.


19/4/2022 12:47 pm  #3

Re: Stefan a satisfied customer

It was enjoyable from a testimonial point of view.  A fitting celebration for Deano . I think the club , players and supporters did him proud.
The oppo was no better than a pub team. In fact someone said to me they looked like a bunch of Staines Supporters had decided to play for their club. Their number 2 looked more fitting playing for Staines Rugby Club. He looked 6 foot 5 and about 19 stone of muscle. Unlike me he isn't fat but if anyone has his number I would like to invite him to preseason training at Mitcham and Carshalton Rugby Club. He would make a great second row player. Their keeper was probably the worst I can remember seeing at this level. I would of been disappointed if a Surrey Youth Premier Elite under 15s keeper let the second and third goal in. He had no chance with the first. He lost 3 balls in his pre match warm up. Every kick from hand came off his shin. A number of their players was blowing after 60 minutes and just wanted the game to end.
As for us . I have already said what I needed to about the Current first team.  I was watching the game with a player in the league below and his dad with my son. He was telling me that their is so much money floating around in the CCL. If we went down we would really struggle to come up again. He said that their is  a few teams with budgets of £2500 to £3000 a week. There was strong rumours at the game that their is to be a change of manager with Ashley and his coaching staff staying on with the youth teams. I don't know if this is true but I do believe if Ashley stays as first team manager Tooting will go down next season. If we are going to play kids that are not good enough instead of senior players with the hope of given them away to pro clubs for free next season we are going down and may never return.
Fans are staying away and might never return.  For a fan to make a tshirt against the current regime to totally unheard of and I think out of character knowing the supporter as I do. That for me just shows how desperately unhappy supporters are.
I am a nobody at the club. But if I was a decision maker I would part company with Ashley and his coaches.  I would give Keith Boanas complete control over all football matters offering him a package he could not refuse. I would make every player that has come through the Accadmy sign a contract.  No more youth players being promoted away from the club for free.
Sadly I spoke to Mark Waters yesterday and he wants to leave now the season has ended and does the striker who scored our first goal. I think we need to keep these players but the only way to do this is to change the first team management. 
Going down next season could be fatal for the club's Isthmian League future.....
I think Steve Adkins is in the most important period as the owner of Tooting.  Does he continue to let the first team slide away or will he act ? I think Steve will act and I wouldn't be surprised if we had a brand new set up next season with a decent budget.
Come on Steve I still believe you care deep down mate .

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