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19/4/2022 3:34 pm  #1

Total Hypocrisy

Tooting Bec FC totally screwed and cancelled by Tooting and Mitcham Sports and Leisure and the woke owner and Directors. At a stroke Tooting Bec were told they could not use the ground anymore, but arrangements would be made to upgrade the back pitch to accommodate them. I really believe pigs can fly, the back pitch was never going to be upgraded in time, if ever!

What makes this worse S&L advertise themselves as a local community club, Tooting Bec seem to fit this scenario perfectly, but they have been told to leave and allow a club from Kingston to take their place. Money talks, but where do Kingston get their revenues.
Thankfully Tooting Bec have found accommodation at Chipstead.
Since 2005: The challenge is to make Tooting & Mitcham United FC the best semi-professional club in the land, one built on sound foundations of good practice in all matters!! (You can’t make this up lol)


19/4/2022 4:17 pm  #2

Re: Total Hypocrisy

Yes mike total hypocracy as far as this club is concerned nothing is off the menu and by the way were you and others aware that our owner couldent even be bothered to turn up for the awards last night and neither could chief bum licker Nick Shaw


19/4/2022 4:42 pm  #3

Re: Total Hypocrisy

This is the sort of people we are dealing with here, totally disgraceful.

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