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22/5/2022 12:53 pm  #1


About 5 years ago i with a few hundred other tooting fans were at Dorking to witness us win our division of the isthmian league ahead of Dorking.On saturday Dorking reached the conference premier while if it wasnt for the demise of whyteleafe and staines we might well be in the combined counties league.
We already had a top ground D orking had very little ,they even had to bring in a beer tent.WE probably used as many players last season as Dorking have in the last 5 seasons.
They used to play in front of about 100 fans now they are playing in front of 2000+ in a new ground and looking to move into a bigger ground.

so what is the point of this message.AMBITION Dorking have this as they move through the leagues ,we have none but talk of our aim of being in the conference south. we are a million miles away and news of our best player of last season moving on does not help .
We havent got many good players so losing 1 is a step backwards.What is in store for next season ? i hearwe are looking at new players,every team is looking for new players ,actually signing them and keeping them is another matter.We play second fiddle to out new tenants Kingstonian next season so crowds might well be down playing friday night or sunday games.We are a team going nowhere and im already thinking survival in isthmian south central is our aim The Elvis song A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION AND ALITTLE MORE ACTION sums our club up.
Rant over.


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