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29/6/2022 5:25 pm  #1

The rape of a Football Club

 I was just searching for the new player which joined from Boreham Wood and found the following links detailed below. Gary your assumptions were correct all along, no wonder the Football team is going nowhere! The Football Club has become a vehicle of convenience since selling out back in the early 2000’s. Everyone has jumped on board and stripped the Football club of its past and future. God knows who else is involved!

37 Sport Management Ltd - Player agency - Player Agents (Detailed view) | Transfermarkt
37 SPORT MANAGEMENT LTD people - Find and update company information - GOV.UK (company-information.service.gov.uk)


30/6/2022 6:45 am  #2

Re: The rape of a Football Club

Mike you are absolutely correct. I like others have been looking at the recent signings and thinking well he is a decent signing and he looks useful knowing full well that this is just going to be another season of just putting these players by the agents in the shop window and as has already been stated if any of them have a half decent first quarter of the season they will very quickly disappear from the tooting team sheet.

Of cause all the useful idiots who adhere to the owner will all probably chant the mantra 

Just take a look people at the links Mike has provided and you will see exactly where this club is and what is happening and it is all a total disgrace !!!!!!!!!!!!


30/6/2022 12:25 pm  #3

Re: The rape of a Football Club

I couldn't give a toss anymore.  Unless somebody else takes the club over (very unlikely given the way that it is setup), I'll not bother going to Imperial Fields, though I'll hopefully get to a few away games with Gary.


30/6/2022 4:07 pm  #4

Re: The rape of a Football Club

So what FWG Consultants drop, 37 Sports Management pick up. It's still a cheap ticket for Adkins at the end of the day.

I hope that we are all proven wrong, I really do. But can anyone really see any decent players not being shipped out as soon as a higher league club is made aware of their talent?

The priority should be the first team, above and beyond all the development and youth teams.

But I'm sure the social media posts will still have the tag #ClubofProgression.

Well if you are reading this Mr social media, please explain what progression we made last season? And the season before that?

It's all bo@:;@ks!

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30/6/2022 4:41 pm  #5

Re: The rape of a Football Club

DarrenP     Your not wrong mate unfortunately the members of the Adkins admiration club would not agree with you.


30/6/2022 9:26 pm  #6

Re: The rape of a Football Club

Dan, that would be the members club....lol    https://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons2/win.png

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01/7/2022 6:31 am  #7

Re: The rape of a Football Club

Message on behalf of Dave Irons.
I thought it was too good to be truewith us signingplayers that belong to an agencyand putting us in a lose/lose situation.If an agency player proves good enough he will move on up the leagues, if he is not good enough then he wont be of any advantage to us.
we tried this plan last season and after 70+ players we only stayed in the division because 1 side folded and we played the other sides in trouble in the final month.if we are to make a serious attempt to move up the leagues we need investment in players that belong to t&m united not shop window players owned by FWG or 34 Sport Management or any other agency for the agencys monetary gain.
In the long run there is much to be gained with our own players. Boreham Wood being a prime example making over a £million pounds as well as very wide recognition, Dorking Wanderers is another teamto reap rewards by investment whilst we plod along with no ambitions. 

P.S. correct me if im wrong but didnt the F.A. make it illegal for agencies to own players after the Teves and
Macheranno transfers nearly 20 years ago.



01/7/2022 9:13 am  #8

Re: The rape of a Football Club

Interesting comments from Keith Boanas on Twitter.....

"So hearing again young players trialling at lower non league Combined Counties turning down clubs because Their AGENT told them they should be playing higher and even conference , Same as any level only so many spots to fill at clubs so know your start point and get playing time"

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

01/7/2022 12:04 pm  #9

Re: The rape of a Football Club

Apparentely  Antonio Dembele is another agency player.


01/7/2022 12:58 pm  #10

Re: The rape of a Football Club

Just found out James Shaw is also Agency


01/7/2022 1:21 pm  #11

Re: The rape of a Football Club

Gary it is no surprise to me about the agency players i said ages ago Ashley Bosah doesant know any players and thats pretty obvious the team is being run by the agents and that is also obvious.


01/7/2022 2:21 pm  #12

Re: The rape of a Football Club

GOOD !!!!!!!


01/7/2022 5:41 pm  #13

Re: The rape of a Football Club

Apologies that was wrong information from someone who should have known better i wont say who


01/7/2022 6:31 pm  #14

Re: The rape of a Football Club

When one considers the depth to which this football club has plummeted: does anything surprise you?

Just remember that it is not about Tooting and Mitcham and you will find a whole wide world around you when you let go.

The past is the past so let it rest wish wonderful memories that it offers.


01/7/2022 6:59 pm  #15

Re: The rape of a Football Club

Give us a toke of what your smoking ev haha


01/7/2022 7:08 pm  #16

Re: The rape of a Football Club

Dan, we have memories of the club when it was big in non-league football: we are lucky.  The fans who have turned in the last few years up know nothing more than what the club is today and that is not putting them down.

I cannot see the club changing the way that it is now being run.  So perhaps it is time for the "old timers" like us to let go.

I'm not in anything harder than Thatcher's cider and Ian Hunter.

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01/7/2022 7:50 pm  #17

Re: The rape of a Football Club

Fair enough ev


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