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10/7/2022 9:36 am  #1

Herne Bay game

The link shown below will take you to the review of the game by Herne Bay on yesterday’s game
Match Report: Tooting & Mitcham United 0 Herne Bay 1 (09/07/22) (hernebayfootballclub.co.uk)


11/7/2022 7:46 am  #2

Re: Herne Bay game

Interesting report and ohh for the need of a teamsheet with some names on

Thought Tooting looked like Tooting last season. Very good at passing the ball back to the keeper and absolutely nothing in midfield.

Vale will be a good test Tuesday. Saw them draw 2-2 with QPR U-23 last week. Be interesting to see if we get anything from the game against a high aspirational side.


11/7/2022 8:32 am  #3

Re: Herne Bay game

To qualify Andy P’s message concerning Raynes Park Vale being aspirational, take a look at this piece of news from the Surrey Mirror. They seem to know how to  build a team from scratch.
It's a Bookham takeover at Raynes Park Vale - who have 'unfinished business' in Combined Counties League - Surrey Live (getsurrey.co.uk)

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11/7/2022 6:13 pm  #4

Re: Herne Bay game

Had a chat with Vale's Chairman at the QPR game, He reckons they will walk the league the season. Signed a new forward (allegedly played without one last season - bit like us after Danny left) - said forward scored a cracking free kick in the QPR game. They've also got big aspirations for a new stadium. Strange what you can do with a supportive and first team committed Chairman? 


12/7/2022 6:31 am  #5

Re: Herne Bay game

Well Andy we all ready have the stadium what we dont have is a chairman/owner with any aspiration regarding the first team also the number of returning players from last season doesant give me much confidence either basically players that failed last season what makes Bosah think they will be any better this year!!!!!! 
The player that vale have signed who you refer too Andy is Charlie Penney a forward that knows where the goal is look him up.Vale are definatly aspirational.


12/7/2022 9:50 pm  #6

Re: Herne Bay game

Another master class in the back pass after 5 passes and not much else tonight from the third episode of "TWIT" (*The (o)nly way is Tooting)

I actually don't think it is that difficult - we need 1) A central midfielder who can win /hold the ball. Jordan is a good player on the ball but doesn't go to look for it. Even bringing Daryl back and asking him to stand in the centre circle for the whole season and just win and put his foot on the ball/fall over and get free kicks would be an improvement. Sure some of the academy lads will improve but we need an 'old timer' who knows all the dodges at this level. 2) We desperately need some characters - With Deano/Billy/Daryl/Walters going we need some loud and strong characters to hold it together and move it forward. Daly seems like a nice cguy and is a decent CB at our level but I honestly don't rate him as a captain. 3) The forward line. Need a goal scorer - yadda yadda etc.

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