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11/2/2023 9:05 am  #1

New players

Well seems like the new manager has wasted no time drafting in some new guys.They are all on dual registration.
4 from Hartley Whitney 
Dillion Gordon ( Forward )
Ryan Lopes ( Winger )
Elijas Bagdonavicius ( Full Back )
Lewis Hoy ( Goalkeeper )
1 from Woking.
Jayden Hutchings ( Holding Midfielder )

Lets all hope that these players can help get us out of this terrible position we find ourselves in.


11/2/2023 10:19 am  #2

Re: New players

Indeed Dan.  Let’s hope that we can escape this relegation nightmare.


11/2/2023 11:29 am  #3

Re: New players

Yes, “the Great escape”, I can see a future BOOK In the making describing how Toots won every single game for the rest of this season!!! Will keep the faith!!!


11/2/2023 11:34 am  #4

Re: New players

They all appear to be loans!


11/2/2023 11:41 am  #5

Re: New players

Thats right Terror But if they are better than some of the dross we have had this season then it doesant really matter does it just so long as they stay long enough to get us out of the brown stuff and at least the new guy hasnt wasted any time bringing in new blood whereas left to Bosah we would just sink without trace

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11/2/2023 9:59 pm  #6

Re: New players

Ryan Lopes looked good today and Elijias looked exceptionally good. We need Mbango back from Tooting Bec for that big lump up front and Lyle in for Chang (forever...) and I really think we might get somewhere.


15/2/2023 12:51 pm  #7

Re: New players

Was there ever an official notification from the club that Eddie M'Bango had left us and has gone back to Tooting Bec although I see he WAS included in their squad last weekend?


16/2/2023 12:42 pm  #8

Re: New players

Think Edd is on dual registration with us and Bec. I thought he was doing pretty well for us too. Have Googled him a few times to try and see what's going on but can't find much. Unfortunately we'll drop off football web pages too if we drop 🙄


25/2/2023 5:54 pm  #9

Re: New players

Eddie scored for Tooting Bec today


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