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07/3/2023 3:02 pm  #1

Thriller at the Villa

Well, it all appears to be on - despite cold weather forecast and two pitch inspections (one in the Premier and one in the North) it all seems ok.  Saw the racing at Newcastle abandoned but from what I can gather it’s chilly up there most of the year anyway.

Twitter has given a good advert for the game, £9 admission and the clubhouse being open from 12.  The Isthmian site has its main story as ‘Woods, Blues, Moles And Villains Resume Their Battle For Play Off Places’.  Certainly hotting up despite the weather forecast (which on trusty Radio Jackie has indicated freezing rain)…..

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07/3/2023 9:52 pm  #2

Re: Thriller at the Villa

It was a game of two halves

Congratulation to TM United for winning the second of them.


07/3/2023 10:25 pm  #3

Re: Thriller at the Villa

I’m typing this from the 111 bus and to be honest I’m so humbled, due to various circumstances I haven’t been behind the goal for six years and being there tonight made me feel like I’d never been away.

Tooting tried hard, despite the chances that went wrong there was a lot of fast footwork and impressive reactions within small spaces.  There were some areas that could be more polished but that’s the nature of non-league.  Despite the 3-1 score it bought back to earth how hard these players need to work and how accessible it is for fans to see what goes on. 

I’ve always thought that the team were missing out on support from up top and now I’ve seen Ashley in the flesh, he was very humble and came across that he wanted a team to work hard.

More than ever, it’s so important that support comes from up top.  I firmly believe fans want a club to get behind, the experience of being with friends and a belonging is not to be sniffed at.  I wish I hadn’t left it six years and can see that despite the shenanigans at the club there is still pockets of promise.  We’ve got to prove we’re bigger than the club and keep the togetherness with the fans going.  Easy for me to say having been so long but now I’ve seen it again, I’ve seen it.

We’re the Bog End, we’re the Bog End, we’re the Bog End of Sandy Lane : ))

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08/3/2023 6:17 am  #4

Re: Thriller at the Villa

If Ashley really cares he will go to see Adkins today, bang his fist on the table and demand proper funding for the first team.  If this is denied, he puts his resignation in.  The team can work as hard as he asks them to but if they are not up to scratch it is pointless.  But he won't do that of course because he is a part of it all.


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08/3/2023 6:30 am  #5

Re: Thriller at the Villa

Ashley wont do anything Ev he is adkins lackey as well we know and as for funding or anyrhing else for that matter he has no backbone or he would have walked away a long time ago.RIP TMUFC


08/3/2023 8:03 am  #6

Re: Thriller at the Villa

The manager appearing to care and want his team to work hard is the very least that should be expected from a manager at any level of the game. Bosah is part of the regime that has got us into this position. He is part of the idea that dragging kids off Brixton housing estates could be a cheap successful business model that would work. I wouldn,t trust him with a bigger budget either, he has to go.

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08/3/2023 8:39 am  #7

Re: Thriller at the Villa

Andy Mc wrote:

The manager appearing to care and want his team to work hard is the very least that should be expected from a manager at any level of the game

I know what you mean Andy and of course you’re all right, for me yesterday was an odd day seeing the team again, last time I went it was Frank Wilson and Paul Dale.  I think what it was, that there was a lot more effort than I expected - up until yesterday I couldn’t really gauge it that well.

Even though I’ve seen on here, it was strange to see a lot of fans have gone, people who I would have thought would be there before haven’t been for ages, and everyone thinks the CCL is a given.  I thought the despair was largely contained to this forum but no, it’s everywhere. 

Back to reality this morning!  It’s all very grim.

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08/3/2023 11:11 am  #8

Re: Thriller at the Villa

I agree Andy but bosah wont go he has zero self respect and is gutless and we all know the non owner wont sack him ite too late now anyway.


08/3/2023 11:24 am  #9

Re: Thriller at the Villa

Again, no one mentions the useless coach!


08/3/2023 2:14 pm  #10

Re: Thriller at the Villa

Enjoyed the trip to Hanworth. Nice ground and nice people. Shame about the show on the pitch. Lopes did absolutely nothing again and Anuar had a poor game. Manu continues to be hopeless. No idea why Enoch was on the bench. He still has the fire and passion we need and had no qualms about grabbing the ball for the penalty. I thought we knocked the ball around well for 10-15 minutes but as soon as the first goal went in the heads dropped. Woeful defending for the second goal. At least their third was a nice finish. Little leadership on the pitch and if we haven't said this 53 billion times already....WE NEED A CENTRE FORWARD....


08/3/2023 2:41 pm  #11

Re: Thriller at the Villa

It's all well and good saying we need a striker, and we do. But it will be hard to find one A. Good enough. B.willing to play in a relegation scrap in a crap team where he will get little or no service. C. Want to play for £2.50 and a bag of crisps per game. I,m pretty sure the word has gone round non league football by now "Don,t touch Tooting with a bargepole"


08/3/2023 3:14 pm  #12

Re: Thriller at the Villa

Andy Mc - The additional obvious problem is Lopes, Enoch and Anuar are all small and we insist on thumping the ball high most of the time. Yep, we have a tall striker already but he has no presence or menace about him. Totally agree strikers aren't queuing up to come to save Tooting, but what is the solution? Crowd fund wages?


08/3/2023 3:58 pm  #13

Re: Thriller at the Villa

Bloody hell, don't give them any ideas.... I can imagine the powers at Tooting rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of Crowd Funding players in the future. 
As most Footballers around our level know each other and will be in regular contact with each other. Now I bet they have loads of WhatsApp groups etc. Andy Mc is I'm sure right about how the club is viewed by players of all levels and abilities. 
When you speak to ex players they in the majority will say how much they enjoyed playing for the fans and to play for such an Historic Club.... Lots of ex players are genuinely shocked and upset at what has happened.
This breaks my heart seeing the impact on people I know well and speak to a meet up with at games... and of course Bog End Ant.
There needs to be some serious conversations over the next few months about the future direction. I just worried that these conversations will not happen.


09/3/2023 8:53 am  #14

Re: Thriller at the Villa

Crowd funding player wages has been discussed amongst T&M fans before but never implemented as far as I know. I,m sure it's happened at other clubs over the years. You,d be hard pressed to find any Tooting fans willing to subsidise our tightarsed owner these days. Even player sponsership has nosedived this last few years, not so long ago nearly all the players were sponsored by fans. Now who would want to do that given the ridiculous turnover of players we have and not knowing which players are going to still be at the club from one week to next.


10/3/2023 12:31 am  #15

Re: Thriller at the Villa

Just feel I need to explain my post from the other night, the vantage points at Hanworth got fans very close to the pitch and the action; Looking at what was happening bought home that even at this level the players need to be very fit and use a lot of energy, even pub league players have a lot more stamina as opposed to the average bloke (well they always did before anyway) so there’s some recognition there.  Also seeing AB in person as opposed to hearing about him on here was something a bit different, as many of you know,  I’m aware of the history and what’s been happening so hope you don’t think I’ve been too forgiving or lost sight of where the club is : 0

I can definitely see fans who want to come back, and I can see that working together this could happen.  However those that run T&M are vehemently opposed to this and they’re taking a great deal of enjoyment away from so many people.  This was a great club with a staunch bunch of fans, many of which would do anything to help before.  It makes me very sad this has been lost.

Indeed there were chants of “we want our club back” and chants involving the owner, it’s there for all to see - I’m hoping more fans will join this forum as I had an indication the other night that this place isn’t seen as the bad guys, the rebels anymore.  It’s a place to discuss where it’s all gone wrong and that’s not a negative view - it’s a positive to indicate that despite differences in the past many people are on the same hymn sheet.

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