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12/3/2023 10:38 am  #1

Another defeat.

Very little reaction on here to yet another defeat. Probably because all that can be said has already been said many times. The new management team has, predictably, made little or no difference to our fortunes on the pitch and, barring a miracle, we will be relegated out of the Isthmian League. Quite an achievement by our owner, given our resources compared to other smaller clubs.
What a difference from around 20 years ago, when we were in the bar at the then new ground, surrounded by slick presentations about future development at the stadium and assurances that the club would strive to be a power in non league football, more slick videos followed, and fans really bought into the dream. I could maybe excuse the old Sandy Lane board for falling for the promises, they were not in the property game and probably thought this was too good an opportunity to pass up. But to then allow themselves to be maneuvered into a position of handing the club over to one man is naive in the extreme. The noble men who set up the club in 1932 will be turning in their graves.


12/3/2023 11:04 am  #2

Re: Another defeat.

Very true Andy Mc.


12/3/2023 11:56 am  #3

Re: Another defeat.

True words Andy and of course your right everything that can be said about our situation has been said and its such a sad situation now. I dont blame Andy Hunt the new Manager he has had very little time to change where we are and Adkins wouldant have given him any increase in budget that is fairly obvious from the standard of the players he has brought in seems to me just exchanging some brixton council estate wannabes for some hartley whitney wannabes no real experienced players that might have got us out of the plight we find ourselves in.
Well i take no pleasure saying this but us guys with the tin hats on have been proved right and an owner who has no genuine interest in football has succeded in running this once proud club down to the level of a junior club.
Well done adkins all all you idiots in the members club that have helped in finishing Tooting & Mitcham FC


12/3/2023 1:16 pm  #4

Re: Another defeat.

Had a chat with Andy Hunt before the game yesterday. He comes across as a very friendly and open guy. He knows a lot of things still need changing and was very open about the current state of things. He was saying he is looking to create competition for places with the new faces and that a new decent striker would be asking for relatively big wages for our league and that a new striker would have to be up for the awful position we are in rather than a big earning passenger. He's in a difficult position. We know Tooting aren't the draw for players they once were which is obviously compounded by the current league position. I'm not sure if he is the answer going forwards but bringing him in 3-4 months earlier would put us in a much better position to know. He must be acutely aware of dwindling crowd numbers and I appreciated him making the effort to come and chat.


15/3/2023 4:13 am  #5

Re: Another defeat.

Andy Mc wrote:

Very little reaction on here to yet another defeat. Probably because all that can be said has already been said many times

Not that I can add much but that’s pretty much it Andy.  I can’t really expand on my previous posts or those of others.  It’s all completely gone up the swanny, or down the pan, or anything like that really. 

I can handle step 5, I’ve experienced rather bleak settings watching Ryman North games with nearly no fans on midweek winter games, but it’s the backstory that gets me.  We’ve got a whole club constitution who wanted us here, all of us, the players, the fans, the area the club is based in.  That’s the bit that disgusts me.

These Fokkers were Messerschmitts

15/3/2023 6:52 am  #6

Re: Another defeat.

I really do not know what Adkins is up to, if he's up to anything. Because he never come out and says anything himself. This leads to speculation that he destroying the club on purpose, maybe he is, we don't know. Would he go to the trouble of getting another manager in, if he wanted up to go straight down, maybe he's done that to show the fans he's trying to turn things round. If we go down the blame game will start and he will surely blame the fans for not getting on board with the "project" the last few years.
I think he is incompetent in football matters and see's things short term in pounds and pence. Cornilius and Bosah managed to sell him the idea that you could run a club cheaply, get league success and make a profit in selling young players on. Adkins was more than happy to go along with that because he didn't know any different. Its been a disastrous policy and that is why we are where we are. If I am wrong, let Adkins come out and say so, and not send out one of the yes men from the members club with the meaningless words that we've had lately.

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15/3/2023 1:29 pm  #7

Re: Another defeat.

Definetly Andy we can go on about the incompentcy of Bosah as a manager/coach till the cows come home,
but the buck stops with the incompetent owner steve adkins and if he ran his buisnesses the same way he has run the club he would be bankrupt by now.
I once heard him speak at a members club meeting when i was still a member he stated that he wanted to leave a legacy.Well some legacy you have left adkins it couldant be much worse.


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