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12/4/2014 9:57 pm  #1


Yet again we have the embarrasing situation where we are low on players for a game, Adam had to step in up front, and I might say had a good game under the circumstances, only one sub, and that was our young goalkeeper, Harvey Cheadle, and the same young faces missing, yet again! along with some older ones, personally I think it is deplorable and if any of them do not have a good enough reason for acting in this poor manner, then they should never wear the black and white stripes ( or blue) again., and I would not care who they were.
I know it was, for us an unimportant game in respect of our situation in the league, but a game is a game and anyone when committed to a club should always be available and turn up, uinless injured and it has been cleared with the manager.
Craig looked a very lonely figure in the dug out and with no subs. had no player options open to him that might have claimed all three points because this is a game we could and should have won.
I am sure the other supporters who made the journey to Whitstable today must feel as I do, very badly let down, I just hope when Craig is looking at his players for next season he remembers the players concerned and does not let them wear our shirt again as they do not realise how priveledged they are.


13/4/2014 7:38 am  #2


Yes I believe players just didn't bother to turn up. However did we have a coach to take the players to the match? Where was our physio? Did he just not bother to turn up?
The ref over reacted in the second half and having rightly sent a Whitstable player off, decided to even things up and send Jordan off. Don't think it made a difference to the score but one or two subs along the way might have done.
What was the reason the players didn't turn up, if that was the case, as I would have thought they would have only been too pleased to get a chance to play as the season is nearing it's end. Any answers anyone? 


13/4/2014 12:01 pm  #3


I wasn't at the game myself however did hear that we had only one player on the bench and that was young Harvey. Very embarrassing for the club and whatever the reasons, totally unacceptable. How can supporters be expected to take the club seriously when those at the heart of it allow a situation like yesterday's to occur?


13/4/2014 5:33 pm  #4


What puzzles me is, how come all the subs decided not to turn up? If that was the real reason. I thought Craig Watkins was a good friend of Craig's. Wouldn't you have thought at least he would have turned up? Or has he left or is he injured? So many questions. As I said previously where was our Physio?? Whitstables Physio had to come on and see to one of our players. How bad is that!! Good job it was a lovely day in a lovely seaside resort but supposing it was Tolworth and all us!! supporters had turned up and found the players couldn't be bothered. Simply not good enough.   


13/4/2014 7:50 pm  #5


I agree with all the previous comments but I would like to congratulate the players who did turn up. Adam had a really good game and was all over the pitch doing a good job. Several of the other players were in unfamiliar positions and as the game went on I though they settled into their new positions and they put together a really good performance.


14/4/2014 12:05 pm  #6


Correct - nobody could fault the effort of the 11 players that did show up.

And these days there is no excuse for phoning to say you can't make it - even at late notice.  Everybody in the country from 8 to 80 (apart from Bondy) now has a mobile phone.

I'm sure the manager would have the backing of the supporters if he dispensed with the services of players who didn't turn up and didn't even bother to phone.


14/4/2014 12:07 pm  #7


From my position next to the dug out (trying desperately to push myself forward as the 2nd sub) I can only assure the zebra clad that Craig was equally frustrated and embarrassed.
I think it would be OK to pass on one quote:    "Who would be a manager?" 

Let me also assure you that other members of the team were equally angry/frustrated.
And how well they performed given that we only had one recognised striker on the pitch. 
All of them gave high energy performances.  Well done lads.

Perhaps we will see some comment from Craig in his Redhill programme notes so we are not tempted to tar all of those not in attendance with the same brush.
Although he may wish to keep it all in house.


14/4/2014 12:23 pm  #8


Craigs embarrassent was evident for all to see  and he deserves better than that.

I hope the players on Saturday, when they find out the shirkers convince them this is not the club to be at and tell them in no uncertain terms how disgusted everybody is with them

And I agree with you Bondy, every one of the eleven who put on a shirt for the "Terrors" or sat alone on the bench, deserves our thanks and gratitude, they done them selves proud.

Personally I would not care if we never see them again! good riddance.

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14/4/2014 12:23 pm  #9


I think he should make a statement and name names - especially if one of the players concerned is a repeat offender.

If he doesn't it puts suspicion other players who may have been injured, suspended or otherwise unavailable.


14/4/2014 1:54 pm  #10


Two players 'phoned in sick, one of them at three in the morning ! That's the way to do it.

However, Three players just failed to turn up for their lift to the game with Bash - who of course was well pi$$ed off after having waitied over half an hour for them to turn up and no phone calls or excuses whatsoever !  

Players and manager alike were not at all happy bunnies !  

I believe (i.e. I don't know for sure) that the Physio is actually supposeed to be the Reserves Physio so he may have been on duty at Imperial Fields on Saturday afternoon instead.

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

16/4/2014 10:34 am  #11


Yes well done to those players that did turn up and especially to Harvey. Craig is intitled to be well brassed off. I hope we something in the programme on Saturday.
Congratulations also to Whitstable for putting a good programme together.
Saturday will be interesting!


17/4/2014 1:32 pm  #12


Load of bish bosh.
They didnt name enough  and include enough in the squad for the game-left out alot of talent plus sources revealled that
management were unwilling to help some younger players to get to the game, so before you start
blaming players think about the above.


17/4/2014 4:17 pm  #13


Do I detect an opinion from thepast!

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