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16/9/2014 8:47 pm  #1

T&M v Whitstable

According to Ryman web site final score was 1-1 with a goal conceded in the 90th min after TJ scored in the 2nd half for us.



16/9/2014 9:05 pm  #2

Re: T&M v Whitstable

That's what happens if we don't take our chances. We play some lovely stuff across the middle of the park. But success in football is about scoring goals. And we don't do enough of that.


16/9/2014 10:14 pm  #3

Re: T&M v Whitstable

We played the game at a good lick, and by and large our passing game clicked pretty well.  BUT we couldn't turn our possession into goals - several players were guilty of not hitting the target when in good positions. We finally scored when Graves brought the ball out of defence at pace. He covered about 30 yards before threading a slide rule pass into the path of Nkoma who finished well.

At this point Whitstable started to commit players forward and began to create chances of their own. If I was their manager I'd be wondering why I didn't have a more adventurous policy from the off. At this point I was hoping that we would bring on Hartburn in midfield to shore things up a bit. But I suppose it's admirable that Tanner brought on 2 more attcking players to try to extend the lead. We certainly didn't try to sit on our lead. Crucially we lost Paul Smith to a face injury late on and was replaced by Harvey Cheadle. This probably gave the visitors a bit of a boost and they equaklised in injury time when a very long throw was headed in inside the 6 yard box. Im not sure if Cheadle wzs to blame as I was a long way away, but normally I would expect the keeper to deal with a high ball in the 6 yard box. However, there didn't seem to be any challenge from a defender either. A nervy 8 minutes of injury time followed in which both sides could have nicked it, but a draw it was. Tanner was visibly angry at the final whistle, not only for tne manner of the leveller, but the lack of killer instinct and poor decision making in and around the box.


17/9/2014 1:24 am  #4

Re: T&M v Whitstable

Pretty much agree with everything that Endo has said. Very frustrating!!! We dominated the game for long periods but just could not kill the game,

Craig also was not too happy with the referees decision for failing to send off the Whitstable number 7 for a potentially leg breaking challenge on Tom Jelley


17/9/2014 7:25 am  #5

Re: T&M v Whitstable

Gutted...  Another two points dropped. To be fair to Whitstable, I thought they defended well and shut down most of our attacks.

Am I right thinking the Chuckle Brothers from Sittingbourne are now in charge there ? Pair of Plums...

Yet again the Footballing Gods give us a late goal on Saturday but come for their pay back later.


17/9/2014 11:35 am  #6

Re: T&M v Whitstable

This season is starting to get frustrating. With so much potential for what could be achieved to what we have done currently is dissapointing. Let's hope our fortunes improve and results come in that push as right up the table.
Saying that the teams I thought would be up there and challenging for promotion, the likes of
Guernsey, Hastings, Folkstone, Carshalton and Ramsgate haven't exacxtly been consistent.
The likes of Chipstead, Whyteleafe, Corinathian Casuals and Whitstable have all made good starts and certainly over achieved, but I do feel they will start to full away as the season progresses.
Who knows in March, Tooting could be top, twelve points clears, with two games in hand and unbeaten in twenty four games.

Plus things could be a lot worse, look at Walton Casuals!


17/9/2014 3:22 pm  #7

Re: T&M v Whitstable

I thought Wright looked OK, but it struck me that he is a similar sort of player to Clarke, Pinnock, Nkoma and even Newton, in that they are most comfortable picking the ball up deep and running at defenders and taking them on.  Yet none of them seem to show much urgency off the ball in busting a gut to get into the penalty box.  And upon receiving the ball it sometimes looks like they are intent on getting forward and getting a shot off whereas looking for a team mate seems to be the second option.  I don't really mind that in a striker, but maybe we need a bit more variation in our attacking play.


17/9/2014 3:52 pm  #8

Re: T&M v Whitstable

AsI keep saying, pretty football is not enough, we have got to mix it up a bit, like we did against Cray wanderers. Craig, cut out the short free kicks around the penalty area lets put the oppositions defence under some sort of pressure, and get somebody on the far post.


17/9/2014 10:34 pm  #9

Re: T&M v Whitstable

Without wishing to simply repeat what everyone  has already said, I don't think I can recall a previous occasion where we have dominated a 45 minutes as much as we did in the first half last night and came in with nothing to show for it.

On a positive and more general note, whilst he is still not hitting the back of the net regularly enough (but then who is) I think that Sol is currently playing the best football he has ever played for us. He seems to have  discovered a work ethic that had been missing from his game in his previous spells with us


18/9/2014 9:03 am  #10

Re: T&M v Whitstable

Agree with that Tim. Also he has hit the post and or cross-bar in the last three games. He's not having a lot of luck.


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