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28/3/2013 1:31 pm  #1

Here we go again

Another new Forum, well done the person who set this up. Although not censored, please have some control over really outrageous postings. At least I hope it will maintain a constructive and open debate forum as the Football club is in dire trouble and the next few weeks will determine the fate of this once great community club. 

Just remember all those souls over the last 125 years from the local community who built the club and bought the  Sandy Lane ground through various fund raising schemes and of course revenue from average gates of above 3000.  All of this was a critical part of the community. Without them there would not be an Imperials Fields.

Today we see a Foootball Team at it's lowest ebb in 125years of history, a very depleted fan base, which  is still declining, and an owner who will not be providing a budget for next season!

The Football club and everything that makes it workhas been systematically run down over the last 7 years. Will it ever recover or still exist only time will tell.

I am not sure why the othe Forum closed down, but I am sure there is more to this scenario than stated.


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