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01/6/2013 9:26 pm  #1


We have now reached June, we have now been waiting nearly three months for an announcement from the Members Club. The original posting on their website stated ”An exciting announcement was on the way!” That came and went to be replaced with just hoping to bring some news soon. One piece of news that should have been announced was the resignation of Bill Hill as Chairman of Football, not a mention!

With the arrival of June, and reading messages on here by other contributors suggest the club is in a hell of a state. The grapevine suggest Phil Simpson has moved on, did a great job in difficult circumstances, and was basically “Left Holding the Baby”. How he endured everything that was going on at the club until the end of the season was just amazing! We now know there is no budget,  no Manager, and no team. 6 weeks to go to the start of preseason friendlies, and still nothing announced. Even if someone came on board now they have a totally hopeless task.

I really don’t know why the Members Club are concerned about their announcement. They should not lift one finger to help the club. They have zero say on what goes on, and they have minority worthless shareholding in the TMLS&L. Let the owner do what he likes, and sit back. You don’t have to hold any more committee meetings, play host to visiting officials, arrange match day services etc. etc.

The club is a total embarrassment, and the humiliation for everyone involved with this abortion of a Football club which is totally unbearable. You’re all being taken for a ride, jump off and save yourself a lot of trouble, humiliation and sanity of mind. Whatever half baked ideas you come up with it will not work, like the last 7 years. Cut the strings and stop becoming puppets. Unless you have a wealthy backer. Or the whole place is sold out to  someone who will ensure the future of the Football Club, don’t be held to  ridicule by making any announcements.

Fans have disappeared for ever, gates are falling dramatically, and above all the club is a complete laughing stock. Reading between the lines on here the Owner has no interest in the Football Club, never has, and never will. The club is totally finished, as we know it!


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