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04/6/2013 6:02 pm  #1

Members page

New posting on the members page.


04/6/2013 9:23 pm  #2

Re: Members page

WHAT FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


04/6/2013 9:31 pm  #3


04/6/2013 10:26 pm  #4

Re: Members page

And here is the link:




05/6/2013 6:08 am  #5

Re: Members page

There will be a Manager appointed before The Members Club EGM.


05/6/2013 7:47 am  #6

Re: Members page

Can we assume from that, that its not Phil?


05/6/2013 9:56 am  #7

Re: Members page

No decision has been taken as to who the manager will be yet.


05/6/2013 10:48 am  #8

Re: Members page

More cloak and daggers then ?

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

05/6/2013 1:10 pm  #9

Re: Members page

Looking at the positive side, if a new manager is to be appointed before the AGM, it must mean their is a future, thankfully.


05/6/2013 1:15 pm  #10

Re: Members page


There was an AGM in January this year, when everybody was told that there would be an announcement soon.

We are all still waiting

The previous AGM was held in 2011

Logicly the next AGM will be in 2015

So a manager being appointed before the next AGM is not really that positive



05/6/2013 1:17 pm  #11

Re: Members page

Gary Walker

The following is what was said to members on 2nd June 2005:

The Vision for The Club and The Hub

We see this will enshrine the following principles:

1. Total transparency between Club and Hub

2. A one cost centre with a unified administration operated on a strictly not for profit basis.

3. The active participation of the Club and all its members in the running of the Club and the Hub to the greater good of both.

4. A substantial growth in the Membership of the Club brought about by the appeal of the Club as a committed partner to users of the Hub.

5. The provision of key local resources the Concept behind which is already attracting interest from other clubs as pioneer and model.

6. The challenge is to make Tooting & Mitcham United FC the best semi-professional club in the land, one built on sound foundations of good practice in all matters.



05/6/2013 3:37 pm  #12

Re: Members page

What a mess we are in! Now Bill has gone I cannot see anyone on the members prepared to fight as hard as he did. I take it Mr Adkins won't be chairing the meeting? I could trust Bill as he always fought for this club. Who can now. Chris Woolley, sorry if I got the spelling wrong, certainly won't, he will just go along with what Mr Adkins says.
As I say, WHAT A MESS.

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05/6/2013 4:43 pm  #13

Re: Members page

If it was not for people like Chris, who gives up their time for our benefit, I would dread to think where we would be now. Before the last AGM he offered the opportunity to any one else to take over, I nearly got crushed in the rush, so how about a bit more gratitude, or alternatively take over the position yourself!


05/6/2013 5:59 pm  #14

Re: Members page

I'm sorry for having an opinion, alanj. Maybe I have got the wrong end of the stick, but that is how I feel. No offense to Chris of course who's hand is completely restricted by the state of the club.
Hope that satisfies you, alanj

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05/6/2013 8:42 pm  #15

Re: Members page

Nothing wrong in having an opinion " above the bench" that is what this forum is all about. Like you I am very unhappy with the situation the club is in, especially as we are now hearing of some of our best players leaving, under the circumstances who can blame them, I do hope that the message we receive on the coming Friday 28th. is a positive one, but as I said earlier, with the anouncement of a new manager, it can not be all bad, can it?


06/6/2013 6:18 am  #16

Re: Members page

Whatever messages are posted on here are a complete waste of time. AGM's / EGM's another complete waste of time. Bill did not walk without reason to  do so. He had a plan, fans backed him, and yet again he become just another victim. Is everyone walking around with blindfolds on, or don't they just get it!

As for joining the members club and getting caught in the rush.............please. Who would want to  join a non effective organisation, which has zero impact on nothing, and is manipulated at every opportunity. People who have something between there  ears, would not touch it with a barge pole. Effectively the Football Club was killed off entirely 2 years ago. Who would want to be involved with something so embarrassing and humiliating. As someone posted on here "Wake up and smell the coffee."


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06/6/2013 8:29 am  #17

Re: Members page

With no members club AGM due until 2015 everybody is going to have to settle for these wonderful people with their wonderful website for another couple of years.

Posted on their wonderful website on 26th May 2013 was the following:-
"We understand all your frustrations and promise to bring some news as soon as we can. We are working our hardest to see the club move ahead next season.

We can assure you that no one associated with the football club wants to see anything other than success so securing the level of finance required is essential.

Just keep watching this space and if anyone has something positive to contribute, please make contact"



SO WHY NOT "make contact"?



06/6/2013 8:42 am  #18

Re: Members page

zonecross wrote:


SO WHY NOT "make contact"?

Why don't all the members of this site with all the good ideas join the members club and take it over?  I do not belong to the members club but I believe that if you do not join and pay your money you do not get a say in what the members club does or does not do.  Stop moaning on here, join up and force your "positive" views on them.


06/6/2013 8:59 am  #19

Re: Members page

Ev - everyone has had ample opportunity to lead the club in a new direction.  The powers that be in the members club have virtually said that they would move aside and let somebody else take the reins. But as you say, I don't think anyone has come forward.

Over the years, plenty of people on the message board have come up with ideas such as "why dooesn't someone do this" or "why doesn't someone do that".  But as far as I can gather, there are very few people who have actually said "I will volunteer to do something"

So if you think that YOU can actually DO something, then make yourself known, or even better, go ahead and DO it.

As for the "Lets start a breakway club" brigade, they are much the same.  What they really mean is "Why doesn't somebody else start a breakaway club".

However, most people of got plenty of excuses why they won't do anything to help.


06/6/2013 12:27 pm  #20

Re: Members page

endo and eve, I agree with you both 100%, all of these people who" know the way forward", if they are so sure they can do better, then do it! but all they can do is abuse people, as I said before Chris Wolley offered them the chance at the last meeting, he must have been deafened by the silence of their acceptance.


06/6/2013 1:00 pm  #21

Re: Members page

I personally do not have the time and therefore have never knocked the Members Club as I do not have an axe to grind with people who are giving up their time to try and get something done; whether I agree with it or not. 

There is a lot of hot air on this board which could, if the hot air cares so much, be put to use by being a part of the Members Club and forcing the issues that they think will make a difference.  But maybe the people complaining about the role of the Members Club (and lack of information - not a member?  why should you get any information?) are just serial complainers who do not actually want to do anything.


06/6/2013 1:57 pm  #22

Re: Members page

Id deffo support a breakaway club as to me that would be THE REAL TMUFC.


06/6/2013 2:32 pm  #23

Re: Members page


You keep referring to mistakes that you allege that the members club have made in the past.  Well, you may be right.  But what's done is done.  So you have to start again from the current position.  And unless somebody else steps up to the plate, you will have the same people making the decisions.  I would remind you yet again, that the members club have repeatedly asked for help from people who can ACTUALLY help.

You imply that you have a lot of knowledge regarding players, teams and other related organisations, so why not use that knowledge to help the club.  And I don't mean just putting forward an idea for someone else to carry out.  I'd like to see you produce something concrete that will benefit the club - and by that, I mean the playing side of it..



06/6/2013 9:03 pm  #24


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