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23/11/2019 8:07 pm  #1

Carshalton Athletic 2 Tooting 1

 That is more like it!
 I left their ground today felling gutted for the loss but very proud of our team and supporters. The Tooting fans turned out in their hundreds and was treated to a really good quality cup tie. I mentioned after Tuesday’s game that we had lost our identity, well today we found it again. We was pressing high and completely out played a very good premier team in the first half ,after going into the break with a brilliant Hady goal. Second half we made a very tired pass backwards when we should of gone forward and  was punished with a excellent goal from Carshalton. After that the Robins had the momentum and  showed the quality you need to play in the league above. I was talking to Joe Vines in the second half and he was very impressed with our performance.
The star of Colston Avenue was Haddy though. Haddy terrorised their defence all game and showed for me why he should be leading the charge in the middle of the park. I mean no disrespect to Connor or Diddy who are good players but our game and the modern game really needs pace. When Junior , Haddy and Danny B was unleashed we really looked like scoring. I am convinced that these three up front could win us the league. I think Connor is a good signing and would be great to play the role that Omari did coming on for the last twenty minutes of a game. Did anyone see Junior practicing shooting before the game? He was scoring for fun. My Mason asked me who he was because he looked so good, what a talent!
Well done to everyone today although we lost we should all feel very proud.


24/11/2019 5:56 am  #2

Re: Carshalton Athletic 2 Tooting 1

Sounds promising if we can capitalise in the games in hand.


24/11/2019 5:08 pm  #3

Re: Carshalton Athletic 2 Tooting 1

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24/11/2019 8:18 pm  #4

Re: Carshalton Athletic 2 Tooting 1

A good summary of the game.
The highlights from Carshalton Athletic FC - Robins TV YouTube channel


24/11/2019 11:17 pm  #5

Re: Carshalton Athletic 2 Tooting 1

Very good performance by the team.Hady was brilliant up front with greatly timed runs to receive two fine passes-his pace & work rate was top drawer.We had game under control in the first half but  I think Ashley missed the boat after the break as it was clear that Daryl (great to see him back) was tiring and i am afraid Connor does not hold the ball up and because he lacks pace and his work rate is not up to scratch,Carshalton were continuously attacking in waves.When timite was brought on the situation changed and we attacked again & pressured them for the last 15 mins.He is a quality player and also dont forget Kyrique who came on-he is an artful player with a good eye for the precision final through ball.


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