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19/4/2022 10:15 pm  #1

Some good things happening off the field

I think it's important to not only use this forum to moan but to also use this forum to share some light and good work which is going on at Tooting.  Although I don't look after this forum anymore I do still care even if I pretend to myself I don't.
This shining light is a man called Warren Andrews. Most people know he is a good egg , a good coach and cares about the club, but for me Mr Andrews has done a great thing. Before the pandemic seems like a life time ago. I was moaning on here about a really stupid decision someone made to let AFC Wimbledon run a Saturday soccer school at Tooting.  I am pleased to say Mr Andrews has rectified this and from this Saturday he is running a Tooting and Mitcham United Saturday soccer school. First 2 weeks free then just £3 per child per session.  I would ask every supporter to get behind this . Tell your family, bring your kids and help create the new Tooting and Mitcham star or create the new generation of Tooting fan. Please support Mr Andrews and congratulations for organising this.
Please find the link to the soccer school Twitter feed


Another bit of news is that over the Easter Holidays the club has been offering a free soccer camp  with free meals for underprivileged kids. This I think has maybe gone unnoticed with the failure of the first team. I think if the club can get the first team right there is so many other things happening that people will support.

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20/4/2022 6:54 am  #2

Re: Some good things happening off the field

I'm so glad someone has some good words for Warren. He is one person that's always got a word for people and least helps you understand things. This is a very secretive club,you would normally have more luck getting information from the FBI. Good to see you Saturday Gary,keep well.


21/4/2022 7:41 am  #3

Re: Some good things happening off the field

Great to see you too Clive. I hope you feel better soon mate.

Here's some more great work off the pitch.

Tooting and mitcham given away free Easter Eggs to The Children's ward at Queen Mary's hospital.

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22/4/2022 10:10 am  #4

Re: Some good things happening off the field

The Easter Egg collection and distribution is organised by Lyn Catchpole every year, and she has done for all the years I've known her.

And a ver big well done to all of the supporters and 'Members Club' Directors who donate huge piles of Easter Eggs for her causes each year and of course to Lyn and her fellow Stewards who drive around to the various establishments to distribute the eggs.

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

07/6/2022 2:33 pm  #5

Re: Some good things happening off the field

I see Warren Andrews is asking for full or part time work on his Twitter in July.
Is he leaving the club ? This would be a massive shame if true after all his good work.

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